Yellow Diamond Steven Universe Full Bio

Are you searching for the yellow diamond Steven universe lately? Yes! You are in the right place. The American animated TV show which started back in the year 2013, is still very popular among fans. The show revolves around a young boy, Steven Universe. He is the youngest among the group of crystal gems. These crystal gems are basically the magical guardians with superpowers to save planet Earth.

The show initially aired in the year 2013 on Cartoon Network in the United States. Next, in the year 2014, airing in some parts of Asia, afterward, in South America took place. Several Steven universe-related characters are immensely popular. If you are a fan of Steven’s Universe, you might already know about the yellow diamond. If not, stress not! We have curated the details that you need to know beforehand if you are planning to binge-watch the series soon.

Who is Yellow Diamond Steven Universe?

The show got renewal confirmation for season 2 back in 2014, on 25 July. Again, in the year 2015, on July 7, the show got renewal confirmation for season 3. Later, both seasons subdivide to make a total of four seasons with a little shorter lengths in total.

The finale episode named, ‘change your mind’ for this hit show aired back in 2019. Thus, the series concluded with a total of 5 seasons and a total of 106 episodes.

Steven universe yellow diamond fanart is very common on the internet. Moreover, it was mainly after the show became a hit among the fans. In addition, the yellow diamond wiki reveals a lot about the show, characters, casts, etc.

Yellow diamond Steven universe or yellow diamond or yellow, in short, is a popular member of the diamond authority. Also, this great diamond authority ruled the gem race previously. Moreover, Yellow is the homeworld gem.

Yellow diamond performed major functions before disbanding her army. It further included commanding the military and secondly, looking after gem production too.

Steven universe yellow diamond’s first appearance was in the extended theme song. Furthermore, her official debut was in the ‘message received’.

Era 3 resulted in, yellow diamond working on repairing the shattered gems. The ones which shatter during the clustering experiment. In addition, she also helps the gems who want to transform their forms, using her superpowers.

What Yellow Diamond Steven Universe appears like?

Yellow diamond Steven universe is a ruler of the homeworld, thus, her size is massive. Amongst her other gem is a dwarf. She has physical appearances like:

  • light yellow color skin,
  • black color markings are present around her eyes,
  • she wears dark yellow eyeshadows,
  • eyes are yellow in color with pupils in the shape of a diamond,
  • black eyebrows,
  • helmet-like, sort, and yellow color hair with spikes at both tips,
  • wears dark yellow and olive color of the suit,
  • The coat is yellow in color.  Also, there are huge shoulder pads present. Again, there is a cutout for her gem,
  • yellow color gloves,
  • high heel boots with a yellow and olive color,
  • in Homewood, yellow appears in a yellow overcoat, hanging around her knees,
  • When traveling, yellow appears in a short tail-coat bodysuit.

 In addition to all the above-mentioned appearances, she wears her gemstone in the center of her chest.

What are the abilities of the Yellow Diamond Steven Universe?

Yellow diamond Steven’s universe is the most powerful in the universe. This is due t the fact she is a diamond gem. Therefore, her abilities are powerful as compared to other gems in the universe.

She even managed to win over Garnet, Bismuth, Pearl, Amethyst, Poof, and Lion with the blue diamond’s support. In addition to this, in one instance in ‘Together Alone’ she successfully defeated Garnet, Opal, and a Jade respectively.

Steven universe yellow diamond gem possesses several abilities. Some of them are as follows:

Natural abilities

  • Strength– yellow diamond is well-known for its incapable strength. She the same strength she uses up in combat and successfully defeats her rivals too. Merely a finger press was enough to defeat a zircon gem. She is the potential to pick up blue diamond’s ship using her finger. This way she frees her. Also, punches her aside from the warship. She is capable to punch Steven right away. Despite, Steven trying to take shelter behind the vast shield.
  • Speed– yellow Steven universe is exceptionally fast. The reason is her massive size. She moves at a faster pace and attacks Steven. She is capable to do this swiftly. Even before any other crystal gems could think of intruding.
  • Durability- her endurance is unmatchable. The same is evident from the instance when she and blue diamond rescues from a massive crash and returns unharmed.
  • Spaceship– yellow diamond possesses a spaceship. This spaceship is controllable by her only. No, another crystal gem can control this spaceship. She uses this spaceship in combat to defeat the enemies.
  • Aura projection– she possesses special aura powers. This can come out from their full body or even a particular body part. For example, her hands. In this way, the aura projection aims to control the surrounding environments. This aura projection comes out as yellow clusters of electricity.
Along with the above-mentioned abilities, several others like:
  • a psychic blast,
  • psychic detection,
  • shapeshifting manipulation,
  • water walking,
  • white capsule generation,
  • levitational transport,
  • teleportation,
  • levitation, and
  • Optical white burst.

Also, she is capable to use this aura energy to defeat an enemy both mentally and physically. The first and foremost use of this projection was in ‘The Trail’. She cut out a diamond-shaped hole using this aura projection.

  • Electrokinesis- Next, the yellow diamond has a special electrical power. Using this she can transmit electrical radiations from her fingertips. These radiations are effective in destabilizing crystal gems.
  • Corruption induction– Again, after the Pink gem shattered, the other gems were also supposed to obliterate. But, instead, yellow, blue, and white diamond collaborative abilities resulted in corrupting the other remaining crystal gems in the universe.
  • Psychic resistance- Also, it is evident that the yellow diamond aura guards her against her telepathic abilities. Even without her knowing or being aware of the fact.


This was all about yellow diamond from the Steven universe for now. If you haven’t yet watched the show, binge-watch it today. Get to know the powerful yellow diamond and other crystal gems in the universe a little better.

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