Why Glue Pennies to Kids Shoes?

Are you pondering over Why glue pennies to kids shoes? Well! The DIY trend is well-known to everyone. Pennies on shoes! When you cannot buy an expensive gift. Simply, create one. The supplies are much cheaper. But, the result is mesmerizing. One such event is tap dancing. If you want your child to learn this particular dance form.

Although, this is a great thought. But, supplies like tap shoes are too much expensive. In addition to this, the kids outgrow them as they develop. This simply means spending this much without any purpose. So, brilliant parents came up with another DIY. This involves ordinary shoes and pennies. Let us get to know about it in detail. 

Why glue pennies to kids shoes?

Parents across the world are busy gluing pennies to the shoes of their kids. The reason behind this will leave you in a wow mood. Moreover, forcing you to try it on your own as well. So, here is the exact reason behind this why glue pennies to kids’ shoes?

  • To DIY tad dance shoes
  • The pennies are not really penniless.
  • Beautiful dancing shoe craft by gluing pennies on the bottom of shoes.
  • Creativity is inculcated in children as well.
  • This method saves you a lot.

Why glue pennies to kids shoes- what will happen?

Copper is the key material in pennies. Copper tends to make sounds when hitting the floor. You need to glue copper pennies to your kid’s shoes. The shoes with these glued pennies will make sounds when it hits the floor. This is due to the friction produced between the pennies and the floor.

In this way, a perfect DIY tap dance shoe craft successfully. Gift this to your kids for his next dance classes. He is surely going to love them. One thing that has to make sure of here, is the floor work for better sound. The floor should be well-finished. Mostly, the marble or wooden floor will be fine.

Thus, gluing pennies to children’s shoes makes an affordable and quick DIY project.

Why parents are gluing pennies to kids shoes?

Several reasons are persuading parents to follow this latest trend. Not only in one or two nations but across the world, this trend is becoming viral. Parents are sticking pennies underneath the shoes. It surely has definite reasons behind this particular project.

  • Firstly, if your child wants to be a tap dancer. These dance shoes are much more expensive than the supplies for DIY shoes. Simply, shop for a few of the supplies and follow the process. Hurray! Your tap dancing shoes are ready.
  • Secondly, the shoes are ready within a few minutes. It is a time savior. If you go shopping for these shoes. This will definitely time consume. But, this particular DIY project finishes in a few minutes.
  • Thirdly, it is costlier, you can throw them as your kid outgrows them. When we buy expensive products for kids. Although, we wish to have everything of the finest quality for kids. But, tap dance shoes are much more expensive. Also, kids outgrow them soon. So, DIY is a lot better option than shopping for these expensive shoes for a limited time period. Overall, this is- why glue pennies to kids shoes?

Supplies to pennies on the bottom of shoes

This DIY is simple enough and needs a few supplies like:

  • Glue,
  • Pennies, and
  • Any ordinary shoes.

Step-by-step guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your tap dance shoes in no time.

  • Firstly, clean the bottom of the desired shoes and dry them out properly.
  • Secondly, keep handy enough pennies. Apply glue on the pennies and stick it on the bottom. Do not use excess glue. It will prevent shoes from making a sound. Use only a desirable amount of glue to stick the pennies perfectly. Also, ensure sticking them at equal spaces.
  • Thirdly, leave them for a few minutes to air dry. Finally, your DIY shoes are ready to wear.

Why do you need to glue pennies to shoes now?

Still wondering- why glue pennies to kids shoes? After reading a lot about why glue pennies to kids shoes. Now, you must be wondering- do I need to try this as well for my kid? Well! This depends on a lot more things. But, if you are a trend follower, you need to give it an attempt. Other reasons to persuade you to mention below:

  • Handcrafted Tap Shoes

Tap shoes are costly! A speedy online pursuit affirmed they will cost you around twenty bucks.

While this probably won’t appear to be a ton, it very well may be for something your kid probably won’t care for or use. Then, at that point, there’s additionally the economic factor to consider. Why go through cash in the event that you don’t need to? 

  • It’s A Fun Noise Maker

When one parent did this for their youngster, a couple of others were glad to get on board with the temporary fad. Regardless of whether your little one wants to join tap, these custom-made tap-moving shoes can be enjoyable.

It’s an incredible path for little ones to make a commotion, and you never need to stress over the clamor being too noisy like it will be with a drum set. 

  • Something Fun To Fidget With

In the event that your little one is feeling fretful, they may need something to squirm with. Indeed, they likely need something to squirm with. Sticking pennies to the lower part of shoes is the ideal arrangement.

Your youngsters will not take them out. They aren’t excessively boisterous or diverting for others. The pennies won’t toss or lost like other squirm toys, all things considered.

  • Utilizing Pennies Is Frugal

Utilizing a couple of pennies is immediately going to set aside some cash when you contrast it with the expense of whatever else. In case you’re utilizing this tip to make tap shoes, you will save at any rate twenty bucks. 


This is all about- why glue pennies to kids shoes? So, what are you waiting for? DIY one now.

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