When will kids get covid vaccine??

The question arising these days of the pandemic that when will kids get covid vaccine? The biggest problem of the current scenario. As we all know that the world is going through a very harsh phase. The pandemic named CORONA is spreading all over the world taking millions of life all over the world. 

This pandemic is also known as covid-19 which has made the life of every human being terrible. Everyone is in fear for their life. People worry about their job, family especially senior citizens and kids. This pandemic is affecting more on those whose immunity is weak. It doesn’t mean that it’s not affecting young people aged between 18–45 years. But it affects more to seniors ages, people and kids.

Indian Government together with the health department of India and with the world leaders of different countries is working very hard to make a vaccine for this pandemic which is very important because of this pandemic people are dying day by day from all the world having no treatment. The death rate is increasing day by day and people worry about finding no solution to what to do.

Can kids get covid vaccine?

As know the vaccine is introduced in INDIA and government has announced that the people more than the age group of 45 years will have vaccine first as their immunity is not that much strong compare to young people. 

But besides this what about the aged group below 18 years. The rising generation of India. The Kids of our country, kids of our neighborhood, Kids of my relatives, friends, and most important kids of my own family. What we can do to protect my family’s kids. In this pandemic, kids suffer a lot. Their school is shut. Kids did not access any type of community services.covid-19 emerges many types of fear in parents mind they did not allow their kids to go outside. Parents should take strict action to keep kids healthy, mentally and physically fit. 

Day by day as pandemic increase parents’ tension and care for kids is also increasing because there is no vaccine for kids is available. No one know when will kids get covid vaccine? If the vaccine release then is this vaccine is safe for kids or not? Kids of our country are the future generation and to save their life during covid-19 is our government’s humble responsibility.

Why there is an urgent need for a vaccine for kids covid?

1. Kids Problem

Thinking Of Kids

Now kids are getting bored being at home having no outdoor activities and they are asking their parents when will kids get covid vaccine?

I think in this pandemic kids’ life agonize the most. By this covid-19 pandemic, the day-to-day activities of kids change. Their life restricts behind the doors of their home. There are no outdoor activities for them.

Social restriction: kids do not allow to play in the playground.  Co-curricular activities vanish. schools are shut so they are far away from social activities. Which affects their all-round development. 

These things develop stress and anxiety in kids’ day to life.

2. School Problem: 

Education Of Kids

The Education Board is asking the government when will kids get the covid vaccine? Because in this pandemic school and teacher suffers a lot due to lack of resources. The school has to conduct online classes but due to limited equipment and facilities, they are not able to provide all facilities to kids. There is a connectivity problem because there are many students are from rural areas. Students don’t know about online classes. Proper setup is not there for an online class.

Schools have funds and economic problem is also there for them. School management wants to open school but school boards don’t want to take the risk for the life of kids. So there is an urgent need for a vaccine for kids it’s very important to vaccinate students before open schools. But the biggest problem that arises in front of people is when will kids get covid vaccine?

3. Parents Problem:

Safe Life For kids

As a parent, we are curious to know when will kids get covid vaccination? Because by seeing the vaccination rate as if now we are providing the vaccine for aged group above 45 years after that aged group between 18 – 45 years will get the vaccine. By seeing this we are in deep thinking by seeing the population of our country and the vaccination rate we ask the government and health system of our country can kids get covid vaccination?

Being as a parent we are worried about seeing the current status or the result of the vaccine injected into people. As we heard from the news or some social sites that after getting covid vaccine people get affect by the covid virus. So we as a parent worry that is covid vaccine safe for kids?  

Analyzing the current scenario that after taking the covid shield vaccine people are not 100% safe and death news coming from everywhere for those who have taken this vaccine. So we request the government and health department to work on this and after proper assurance covid vaccine trial kids to ensure before its vaccination starts for kids.

4. Government problem 

Question Ask To Government

Being a responsible government we are responsible for every single life of our country’s people to be saved. As the kids are the future generation of our country we as a government have to look strongly to eliminate the question arises from every human being of our country like :

Q1: When will kids get covid vaccine?

Q2: Can kids get covid vaccination?

Q3: Is covid vaccine safe for kids?

Q4: When covid vaccine trial kids to start?

Q5: Is Pfizer kids vaccine for kids will be developing?

Q6: Is Vaccine for kids covid will help to improve their immunity?

These are some few questions raised by people of India but answering this question is very difficult by the government or by the health department of our country to ensure every kid’s life to be safe and have to work very strongly as kids are rising future of our country.

 As family concerns can kids get covid vaccination question will ask again and again to the government by the people of our country. And if the answer is YES people will ask when will kids get covid vaccination? Also, the government has to ensure that is covid vaccine safe for kids?  As people of India are living in fear and asking for help from the government to do something effectively to eliminate this pandemic named COVID 19. 

Pfizer Vaccine For Kids

This vaccine is very helpful for immunity gaining and is very effective all over the world. Aged group of 2–12 years kids immunity gets boost up if this vaccine will be developing or availability will be ensured by the government. People asking when will kids get covid vaccine?

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