What You Can Donate To A Mum To Be

Becoming a new mother is certainly very exciting, but there can be a sense of dread when thinking about all the products and items needed for the baby. This is precisely why you should consider donating items to a new mum. 

Given the speed at which babies grow, brand-new items are often still in great shape even when they have become redundant.  Moreover, donating them can give these items a new lease on life. 

Alternatively, you can purchase brand-new items and gift them to a mother-to-be to support them with caring for their new baby. 

For example, you can find brand-new clothes and accessories for babies at reasonable prices online (saving some money is always a good idea). In our experience, we have seen great value for money online in shops like kaladomus.com and many others.

You can donate about anything you like for the new baby, such as goods from high-end retailers to handmade items. Here are some of the best ideas for donating products to a mum-to-be. 

Tips on Donating Items

Before getting start, there are some tips to remember before donating. You must ensure any products are clean and still in good condition; nobody wants items that are stained, ripped, or that do not work. Additionally, you should speak with the mother regarding large items. They may not want them owing to the space that they’ll take up. 

Baby Clothes

The most obvious item that you could donate to a new mum is baby clothes. Babies grow out of their clothing so quickly that sometimes they may never have even worn a particular item before they are too big for it. 

Helping a new mum with some clothing means that she will be ready for the new baby and free from the stress of having to go out and purchase a new wardrobe. 

Your Old Pushchair

It is important that you speak to any new parent before gifting a large item, such as a pushchair, and also so that you do so well before the baby is due. 

This is one of the first items that new parents are likely to buy, so speaking up early will help. If you have a good quality pushchair that still works well, or you fancy splashing out and purchasing a new one, you can help new parents to save an awful lot of money. 

Small Baby Toys

Baby and small children love playing with toys. This is yet another great product that you can donate and will be well received by a new mother. 

Before you choose which toys you are going to donate, however, be sure that you have checked them for any damage or anything that has affected their condition. 

The last thing you want is to donate any toys that don’t look nice or that could be dangerous for the baby. 

Unused Hygiene Items

Most new mothers will load up on hygiene supplies such as baby wipes, nappies, and all manner of other items. 

The result is often that we end up with cupboards in the bathroom full of these items that we no longer need. Donating these products is a great option for any new mother. Do not forget to seal them.

These items will always be needed, and they are sure to be well received.

Helpful Books

Most new mothers either buy or are gifted books to help them with the early years of their new child. Assuming the books are in good condition, these are great options for items that you can donate. 

Far more new mothers are shunning the idea of purchasing baby food in jars. Moreover, instead of looking to batch-cook some healthy meals for their babies. As a result, so many more are buying recipe books to give them ideas for some tasty recipes for their baby. 

Alternatively, you could donate books that help with early years education, that help you to better care for the baby, or even medical books that detail certain illnesses or complaints that the baby may have. 

Books provide support and help to new mothers, and handing over a pile of them will be a great idea for your friend or family member. 

These are just some of the ideas that you may consider for items that you can donate to a mother-to-be. 

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