What If Kids Drink Vanilla Extract Drunk?

Have you heard about the latest buzz- vanilla extract drunk? Well! You might have witnessed several challenges and buzzes circulating on the internet. Ice water challenge and eating tide pods are the newest way of attempts to become popular. Kids are indulging in such buzz to become famous overnight. After these deadly stunts, there is a newer trend going on in the kids’ lives. This is drinking vanilla extract, drink and creating a buzz. Yeah, you read this right.

News all across the world is coming up with children attempting to drink vanilla extract. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or child, this article is important for you. You need to get details about this latest trend, to save your kids, students, or self from such life-threatening buzzes.

Is it possible- Vanilla Extract Drunk?

Can vanilla extract get you drunk? This is the very first question that struck my mind too. For your information- yes. The days are over. When there was a certain age, underage kids were restricted to drink alcohol. Even the bottles were kept far from their reach. Maybe somewhere in a locked closet. Unlike this, vanilla extract is the common ingredient in the kitchen.

Every kitchen owner proudly owns a bottle, which this uses in several dishes to give vanilla flavor like desserts, baked goods, etc. also, this ingredient is easily available on the kitchen countertop. Also, as a parent, you need not keep an eye on such ingredients. But, after reading this article, getting to know the trend of vanilla extract drunk. You need to keep a close check.

How much vanilla extract to get drunk?

The recently revealed data of the FDA showed that a vanilla extract is 70 proof. This is again only a little less than a bottle of vodka. The pure vanilla extract contains a minimum of 35% alcohol. Yes! You again read this right. This is the right quantity to get the one drinking it high.
Looking at the amount of alcohol in vanilla extract is the same as others. This is no different from other hard drinks. So, when you wonder- how much vanilla extract to get drunk?

The answer is similar to other drinks. 3-4 shots are needed to get your Vanilla extract drunk.
This begins in Atlanta, GA. schools reported children high. Later, they shifted to emergency hospitals. Soon, it started as a wildfire. Kids across the world began experimenting with getting vanilla extract drunk. So, as a parent, teacher, or curious kid you get your answer to can you get drunk off vanilla? Yes! It is the potential of getting you high.

What are the risks of drinking vanilla extract?

Now you may wonder- What happens if you drink vanilla extract? Vanilla-flavored cough medicine or pure vanilla extract both in high quantity is dangerous. Several doctors revealed the dangerous effects of drinking vanilla extract:

  • Vanilla extract drunk is similar to alcohol intoxication,
  • It can cause alcohol poisoning.
  • This causes central nervous system depression,
  • It leads to a problem with breathing.
  • Vanilla extract drunk can cause:
  • pupil dilation,
  • flushed skin,
  • digestion issues, and
  • Hypothermia.

What are other drinks similar to vanilla extract?

By far, you might though only vanilla extract is dangerous for kids. They could get high drinking pure extracts. But, on contrary, several other drinks are available in the market or maybe at your home. For example:
Pure peppermint drink- it reveals that peppermint drink contains 89% alcohol.
Pure lemon drink- it further reveals that pure lemon drink contains 83% alcohol.
Note: simply hiding or not at all bringing in homes will do no good. Kids may attempt it outside their homes as well. As a parent or teacher, it is your responsibility to teach them about these dangerous drinks. What different complications attach to them? How it could cost their life? In addition to this, teach them, they should not do or get into such insane challenges. This will do no good but, only harm.

Vanilla Extract Drunk FAQs

  • Do these pure drinks causes a hangover?

These drinks have a similar quantity of alcohol to any other hard drink. Similarly, 2-3 pairs of shorts are enough to get buzzes or cause a hangover.

  • How much does the pure vanilla extract cost?

Pure vanilla extract is very costly. This is around three times the ordinary alcohol. This ensures it’s less possible for kids to buy it. But, at the same time, you need to understand this. Pure vanilla extract is easily available in the market. Unlike adult drinks, which are very difficult for kids to lay their hands on. Also, strict norms prevent kids from possessing or consuming them. Pure vanilla extract is easily available in the market.

  • How to keep the kid engaged during a lockdown?

It is no doubt, kids are the ones who majorly affects by the lockdown. Further, this has restricted them in every way. So, they are busy surfing, swiping through social media accounts, etc. as a parent, provide them enough opportunities to engage in other creative fun activities. This could be anything from painting, dancing, gardening, and cooking, to anything your kid enjoys.

  • What to do in case the kid gets high on a pure vanilla extract?

Despite, every precaution, if still, your kid manages to drink vanilla extract. You immediately need to contact the emergency line of a nearby hospital. It is better to seek medical support at the earliest.

Summing up

So, this was about- can you get drunk off of vanilla extract? The news and stories for vanilla extract drunk are no joke. Children are attempting this life-threatening challenge. So, as a parent, teacher, or kid, get aware of the harmful effects of these pure drinks. Also, as a parent, try to get them involved in other fun activities. This way you keep them afresh, engaged and motivated. Several fun activities are available on the internet. You could plan them with your kids. In any situation, don’t let this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown have negative impacts on your kids.

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