The Ultimate Guide to the Two Block Haircut for Kids

Hair defines one’s personality. This is why you will find Two Block Haircut is one of the most prominent haircut profiles. In this post, you will learn more about the complete guide on the two-block haircut for kids.

What is Two Block Haircut?

Tw Block haircut is a unique hairstyle that originated in Korea. It was popularised by the Korean pop music stars. It involves trimming and shaving the hair on the sides and back while having long hair on the top of your head or the crown.

The Two-block haircut involves having short hair on the back and sides. However, some of us love completely shaving the hair on the back and sides and keeping long hair only on the top. Some people love perming the hair on the top. This will give a wavy look to the hair.

Why is Two block haircut so popular with kids?

The hairstyle offers flexibility and versatility. It suits every type of hair. The ease of maintenance is yet another reason that makes it a good choice.

Variations in Two block hairstyle 
Two block hairstyle has multiple variations. However, only three variations among them tend to be quite popular.

  • Classic Two Block – This is the standard two-block style. It involves trimmed back or sides, and longer hair on the crown.
  • Two Block Undercut – This variation has the hair on the sides shaved completely. This offers a better contrast to your haircut.
  • Tapered Two block – Haircut on sides and back are tapered from short to long.

How to Prepare for the two block haircut?

If you are planning for the 2 block haircut for kids, you need to follow a few steps and prepare for the BIG “event”.

Choose the right time

Make sure that your kid is comfortable with the haircut. The right time would be after a nap in the afternoon or after meals. It is important to ensure that they have had a good rest and are in the right mood for a haircut.

Get the necessary items and tools 

The next step is to get the right tools and machines. A few of the tools include

  • Clippers – They are used for trimming the side and back
  • Scissors – Obviously, these are used for cutting and shaping the top hair.
  • Comb – This helps in parting and offering an even cut
  • Cape – This is used for draping around the shoulder
  • Mirror – This will help the kids get involved in what is happening with their hair.

Choose the right hair stylist or barber 

There are multiple tips that you need to focus on when selecting the right stylist. He should have the most kid-friendly environment and have good experience working with kids. Scheduling a consultation with your kids can be a great option. The stylist should also have patience and communication skills with the kids. Asking for recommendations and checking out reviews would be a good idea.

Step-by-step Guide to Two Block Haircut

If you are looking for the best two block haircut, here are the steps that you need to follow. Of course, the steps need not be in that order, but you can have an idea.

Wash and dry the hair

Wash the hair with mild shampoo or conditioner. Ensure that it is free from all hair products. Dry the hair with a soft towel. Avoid rough rubbing.

Section the hair

Use a comb to section the hair clearly between the top and the sides. This will help you as a guide for further stylish haircuts.

Trim the side and back 

You can choose between scissors and clippers based on the type of your hair. Clippers will give a shorter and more uniform look, while scissors are best for better precision.
Trim the sides first and then back. Achieve the right length. Depending on whether you are using clippers or scissors, you can use the proper techniques to achieve the proper hair length.

Style the top section 

Use the proper cutting for the top section. The length of the top hair can be designed as per the preferences of the kids or parents. Use the scissors to give it a proper shape.
Use the styling products recommended for children.

Blend well and give the finishing touches

Check if your hair on top, back, and sides is uneven. Blend them properly and then give the finishing touches to your two block haircut.

Clean the hair

Make sure that no hair clippings are left on the clothes or even on your kid’s head.

How to maintain two block haircut?

Getting the two block haircut is one thing. Maintaining it is another. Some of the ways you can maintain the two block haircut include

Washing and Conditioning 

Make sure to wash your hair regularly. I would recommend washing your hair at least two to three times a week. Also, ensure that you are using a child-friendly shampoo and conditioner.

It is also important to use proper washing techniques. The best technique is to wash the hair with shampoo and then rinse it off completely. I would also recommend using conditioner to ensure that your hair remains manageable. However, avoid over-washing your hair. It will result in losing the natural shine of your hair.

Styling Tips for Kids

You can make use of the following tips to style your kid’s hair –

  • Use child-friendly styling products. These are gentle on kids’ hair. and easy to wash out.
  • Use easy styling techniques. A light hair gel and mousse should be the best option to go with.
  • Avoid excessive heat to the hair. This can damage the hair.
  • Opt for regular brushing. Brushing hair regularly will help avoid tangles. Encourage your kid to be involved in regular brushing.

How often should you touch up the hair?

Two block haircut is likely to need frequent touch-up sessions.

  • You should touch up the short hair on the back and sides once every three to four weeks. You may also go for a slightly longer duration of four to six weeks.
  • You will need to trim the top section once every four to six weeks.

You can also decide on a proper frequency for washing hair depending on your individual preferences.

How to make the kids comfortable during the haircut?

Kids typically do not like getting a haircut. But, you can make them feel comfortable with a few tips and strategies. A few of the tips below can help you in making it comfortable for your kids to get a haircut.

Make the hair-cutting experience a funny activity

Make sure that you have chosen a salon or a stylist offering a child-friendly environment. The stylist you choose should be able to communicate with your kids in their language. A few of the options can be to add entertainment options such as TV or toys. You may also add distractions such as books and other electronic items. Engage in a type of conversation that the kids can understand and relate to.

Reward the good behaviour

Yet another excellent option is to reward and reinforce positive behaviour. Offering small rewards and staying calm and composed are a couple of good behaviours that you can help cultivate.


What are the common misconceptions about Two-block haircuts? 

There are several misconceptions about two block haircuts. The most common misconceptions that you may need to address can include

  • It comes with a huge maintenance cost
  • It can suit only specific face types and hair textures
  • It is not suitable for every age.
  • It does not work well in a professional setting.

How does Two block haircut compare with other hairstyles for kids?

Two block hairstyle is unique in its own right. It is different from other hairstyles for kids in the following ways –

  • It is extremely modern and trendy
  • You can easily customize it to meet your exact needs,
  • It may need slightly more maintenance than the other regular hairstyles.
  • It is extremely versatile and customizable.

In Conclusion

The Two Block hairstyle is indeed the best option for the kids to express their personality in style. The versatile haircut can be customized to meet any face size and shape or hair texture. If you are looking to give a nice look to your kid, you would find the experience quite innovative. We just assume that the tips outlined above should help you in preparing your kids for the best Two block haircut possible.

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