Teletubbies Funny Day: Epic Series For Kids

Are you searching for the epic Teletubbies funny day series lately? Yes! Then you are in the luck. The kid’s show ‘Teletubbies- Uh-Oh! Messes & Muddles was renamed Funny Day for release in America. The show was popular among kids back then and still at the present.

The creators Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport came up with this concept for children’s TV shows. It aimed for holistic development in kids. It revolves around four colorful characters. They are well-known as Teletubbies. It is due to the possession of television screens on their tummies.

These characters were popular throughout their streaming days to the present. The characters were bearing antennae on their heads, looking like aliens. Again, it makes a resemblance to toddlers too.

If you want to seek more information on the show? Or whether you wish to watch the popular show, don’t stress! We have curated the details for you. Read on to know.

What is Teletubbies Funny Day?

The Teletubbies funny day part 1 became a massive hit after its airing. The kid’s television show Teletubbies creators Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport created this imaginative and colorful kids’ series. It aimed to bring holistic development to children.

The show originally aired on BBC. Soon after, it became popular. Hence, the creators made the premiering on a worldwide platform possible too.

Several BAFTA awards have been presented to Teletubbies. Additionally, the show received nominations two times for the daytime Emmys as well. In addition, the theme song from the series was an exceptional hit. In the year 1997, it was in the top number 1 position, in the UK singles chart. It maintained the top 75 standards for the coming 32 weeks. During this time, it managed to sell more than a million copies worldwide.

The original show came to an end in the year 2001. But, due to its immense popularity among kids, the show came up with a rebooted version in the year 2014. In the UK, the series aired on CBeebies, while in the US, it aired on Nick Jr. Channel.

What are the different characters of Teletubbies funny day?

The show comprises several funny and colorful characters. Here is the complete list of the main cast, along with their special features. You can also witness them in the opening to Teletubbies VHS or DVD.

1. Tinky Winky

  • He is purple in color and the biggest in the family of Teletubbies. In addition, he is well-known for always going first. Also, he loves hugs.
  • In addition, Tinky Winky is a dreamer, soft, and very gentle. Sometimes, he is unable to decide for himself but, he is definitely very thoughtful.
  • Also, he has his signature move. It is extending arms outwards, to make a T. Afterward, bents elbows and the arms upwards, to make a W.
  • Moreover, his favorite accessory is the red bag, which he carries almost everywhere.

2. Dipsy

  • He is a green color character, who loves dancing and jumping. In short, he is a fun character.
  • Secondly, Dipsy is funky and at the same time, groovy. Again, it is due to the reason of his love for dance. In addition, he is always dancing and making dance moves using his arms.
  • Thirdly, his wiggle dance is the signature dance move of Dipsy.
  • Finally, his all-time favorite accessory is his black and white hat. Also, he loves to pose in his hat.

3. Laa-Laa

  • The yellow color character loves singing and dancing. She is a performer.
  • Also, she is full of fun and positive energy.
  • Further, she loves to do light-footed twirls all around the day.
  • Moreover, her favorite thing is her orange color ball. She loves to play with it all the time.

4. Po

  • Firstly, Po is the red color character. Also, she is the smallest and cutest among all.
  • Secondly, a Karate-styled hand pose along with a hand jump are two of her signature moves.
  • Thirdly, she loves to go on scooters, at the fastest speed.
  • Also, while standing, she keeps her hands on her back. In addition, her tummy is out. Along with this, she is curious about everything happening around her.

5. Noo-Noo

  • Noo-Noo has a strong inclination to clean at all times.
  • Also, when the Teletubbies have fun and messes the dome with Tubby custard or toast, the Noo-Noo is always there to clean.

6. The sun baby

  • An 18-month-old baby named Berry was the sun baby in the show. She managed to replace the popular James Smith of the original series.

These are the famous Teletubbies funny day’s characters. Along with them, the tubby custard ride and the tubby phone are popular too.

Who’s in the cast of Teletubbies funny day?

The cast for the series is as follows:

  • Ella Ainsworth,
  • Lilly Ainsworth,
  • Emma Beaumont,
  • Christopher Chavez,
  • Rebecca Goldberg,
  • Edward Grant,
  • Saeka Hirari,
  • Tom Jewitt,
  • Daisy Keogh,
  • Ned Keogh,
  • Jack Murray,
  • Samantha Nguitgeu,
  • Amy Pittorino,
  • Hartej Ranvanda,
  • Ben Shepherd,
  • Tomas Shepherd,
  • Roisheen Smith,
  • Charlie Snell,
  • Pheobe Syms,
  • Rupinder Vig and
  • St Bede’s Prep Nursery School’s children.

What are the benefits of watching it?

The series is available in different formats. For example, Teletubbies funny day DVD and Teletubbies funny day VHS, respectively. In addition, the opening to Teletubbies funny day 1999 VHS was grand. It was popular among kids for several reasons. In addition, there are several benefits of watching this show as well. Read below a few of them.

  • Laughing

Firstly, the kids learn to laugh and giggle just like Teletubbies, watching the show.

  • Finding a voice

Secondly, the speech pattern of the Teletubbies character is similar to a little baby. Hence, it helps kids to imitate their voices and hence, promotes speech development in kids.

  • Socialization

Thirdly, the series introduces social values among kids. The way the Teletubby characters meet, hug and greet each other. It promotes similar values among kids too.

  • Listen and respond

Fourthly, children learn to listen. After listening, they learn to recognize as well. The listening and understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication skills development among kids.

  • Activeness

Finally, the kids become active and fun-loving.


This was all about Teletubbies funny day series as for now. The shows DVD and VHS format series are available in several online stores. You can buy them to watch along with your kids. It is the best binge-watch series that you can watch with your kids. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the series and laugh out!

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