Stream Machine Water Gun- Best Toy for Kids 2022

Water games have always been fun for everyone. That’s why thousands of people go to seasides or lakes every year. The cool sand beaches and stunning waves of the sea has the power to make anyone awe. This article is about Stream Machine Water Gun.

But all of us are stuck in our own homes since last year. The global pandemic has locked all of us in one place. However, we can still play in our home gardens. But surely your mother would not allow splashing a full bucket of water here and there in homes. 

Here is the solution. Stream Machine Water Gun is the best for playing water games at home. In this article, I am going to share with you the details about Stream Machine Company building children’s outdoor games kits. They are affordable and very engaging for you and your family. 

What is a Stream Machine water gun?

Stream Machine is a toy-making company that manufactures backyard games accessories for families. Stream Machine has been working since the year 1991. For almost 30 years, they have been making families happy with their products. Its first product was the original Stream Machine Water Launcher. 

Stream Machine is famous for its products. These products are quick to set up and very easy to play with. They can entertain your family for a very long time. 

Stream Machine water gun Best water launchers:

TL-500: This is a long barrel stream machine water gun. It is 12 inches long and has a barrel of 8 inches. It can shoot up to 70 feet with a wide stream of 3/8 inches. To reload, you just need to pull back the handle underwater. The suction system will easily pull the water inside. 

1. TL-600: 

TL-600 is an advanced version of TL-500. It is 17 inches long and has a barrel of 12 inches. The water shooting capacity is the same as its previous model. However, this toy is not for children under 8 years of age. 

2. TL-750: 

This is designed for children, men, and women above 8 years and below 99 years of age. It is 22 inches long and has a barrel of 17 inches in length. The water shooting capacity is up to 70 feet. 

3. LIGHTED SS-750:

The SS-750 offers you a special feature in the water gun. Every time you shoot water from it, it changes its color. You will need to put 3 AAA batteries in it. It is also 22 inches long and has a 17 inches barrel. The launcher also shuts down by itself after one minute of no use. 

4. QF-2000:

QF-2000 is the largest water gun in the family of stream machine water guns. It has 29.5 inches of barrel and it can shoot up to 70 feet with ease. We have used high-quality material in it so that it must not get peeled or colorless ever. The barrel has a removable tip for its maintenance. 

5. DB-1200:

You will surely enjoy this DB-1200 water gun. This has multiplied your power by 2X. It has 2 barrels that give you the strength to shoot two 3/8 water streams at one time. Its barrels are 17 inches long. It is only for children above 8 years of age. 

6. DB-1500:

DB-1500 is an advanced version of DB-1200. It has a longer barrel of 23 inches. Every other function is the same as DB-1200. 

7. SM-1000:

SM-1000 is very useful when you go on a river trip. The straight design gives you comfort when rafting in a river. It has a 32 inches long barrel. 


The water set includes two vests for safety and two TL-600 water guns to attack the opponent. The vests also serve as a target fulfill meter. You need to fill your opponent’s vests with water. The meter on the vests will let you know when it’s full. 


Children above 6 years can easily use this water launcher. This water launcher has the capacity to shoot water up to 30 feet. For quick refills, it has a pop-off snap-on cap. 

10. X4- 18” :

X4- 18” is an advanced water gun pressure technology to shoot two water streams at one time. It looks like a machine gun from power rangers. This gun can shoot up to 30 feet in distance. 

11. X5- 24”:

The X5-24 is a water gun for serious water competitions. It offers you an extra reservoir for the gun. It means you can now save much time to attack frequently. This looks like a heavy alien gun. 


This alpha water gun is perfect for a sneak attack. It is small and easy to hide and carry. 


The omega water gun is also the same as the alpha water gun. It is a little bigger than alpha. The omega gun is also easy to carry and convenient to use. 


It is a medium-sized gun very ideal for water fights. It is straightforward to carry and shoot up to 30 feet long. 

15. HYDRO ZOOKA- 12”:

HYDRO ZOOKA-12” is perfect for battle when it comes to drowning your opponent completely. It can store an extraordinary amount of water in its barrel. 


This combo is best when you want to include your whole family in a water battle game. This kit has 3 different water pistols in 2 sets. 


Stream Machine Water Guns are basic but of quality. The material used is hard and colors do not peel off after many uses also. The minimum price of a water gun is $8. The maximum price goes up to $30 for a kit of water guns. 

Final thought:

The stream machine is famous for its stream machine water guns. However, other than a water gun, a streaming machine builds many more products. These products are Diggin, Inflatables, Softies, Geyser Toys, Sand Toys, Flying Funnoos, Instant Fun Sports, Pool and Beaches, Balloon Fun, and machine squirts. 

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