5 Best Scooby Doo Shoes for Your Child

Remember Scooby Doo from your childhood? That one dog with 4 other friends who used to solve horror mysterious in show. I remember me growing with them. And it is really one of my best childhood shows that I used to watch. In this article we will talk about its merchandise version of scooby doo shoes.

But well, nothing stays forever but memories do. And one thing that I have recently seen is Scooby Doo merchandise of shoes. I was surfing in one e commerce website and I got these Scooby Doo shoes collection and I loved it. Yes, not every shoes was good and some were bad; there were many which you can consider to buy. It will be a great opportunity to relive the memories. But before going to that let’s have some discussion on the classic show Scooby doo.

The classic Scooby Doo show and its details:

Scooby doo is an American animated franchise comprising many animated comprising many animated television series from 1969 to present. In the show a dog named Scooby doo, alongside with his 4 human friends solve mysteries involving super natural creatures. In the show every creature is related to someone’s murder or one very valuable stolen piece of artifact and the Scooby doo group tries to expose the villain. 

Scooby doo creat by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears and they started this show with the name ‘Scooby doo, where are you!” In the year 1969, the show was on television for the first time where it show till 1976. Then it went to ABC. It stayed thee till the 1985 and then moved fully moved to The CW. In 2002 CW started its show which they ran till the year 2008. After that in the year 2010, famous channel cartoon network took it in and ran its show till 2018. The most recent Scooby doo series cam on June 27, 2019 as an original series on Boomerang’s streaming service and later on HBO max.

In the year 2015, TV Guide ranked Scooby doo the fifth greatest TV cartoon of all time. 

Best Scooby Doo shoes you can buy from online e-commerce website: 

Scooby doo has its own franchise of many stuffs. It includes t-shirts, jackets, scarf and shirts. But we are specially going to discuss about Scooby doo shoes. The Scooby doo shoes that I am now sharing with you are really really awesome and you will love to wear it. These are design such as you can wear it anywhere. You can use them in a party, you can use them in casual meet ups or on a date. These Scooby doo shoes will show a light and fun side of yours which will eventually make you more attractive. So let’s go:

1. Kids Scooby doo printed canvas sneakers:

This Scooby doo shoes are specially made for kids. The bright blue color and printed Scooby doo are a very sweet combination for any child. This Scooby doo sneakers is made up of polyester material and spandex material. The upper portion of the shoe is made with soft foam and is very comfortable for feet.

This Scooby doo shoe is very light weight and durable. This shoes for kids provides an anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, non-slip walk with it. It is 100 % shine free shoe.

You can use this shoe as a running shoe or a casual shoe. This is absolutely perfect for both of this work. 

Link: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/1068842917/kids-scooby-scrappy-doo-puppy-power?ref=lx_share

2. Hide & Seek Scooby doo casual sneakers trainers vegan shoes: 

This Scooby doo is very unique in its own design. The character Scooby doo is somehow half hidden and half visible in this shoe. This Scooby doo shoe is make by Dogo. Dogo sneakers are specially know for their sporty cut, careful processing and exceptional craftsmanship. 

The most special fact about this sneaker is that it is totally handmade. The quality of synthetic leather shows the hard work of the craftsman. This shoe is made up of cotton inner lining and thermoplastic sole. Due to its color, you can view it a shaggy Scooby doo shoes but it is not. 

You must need to take care of this shoe. Do not use chemicals on this shoe but wipe it with a cloth. 

Link: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/994252810/walking-sneakers-for-men-dogo-hide-n?ref=lx_share

3. Custom Hi Top Scooby doo shoes:

Custom Hi Top Scooby doo shoes are one of most casual fashionable shoes in the market of cartoon franchise. Especially this show is a full black color shoe and on its sides top a large white sticker is attached. On the sticker, a Scooby doo image is attached and Scooby doo is written over the white part of the shoe in calligraphy same as the show. 

This is a shaggy Scooby doo shoe. You can use it for a party place or in a friends meet up and on a trip. Wear these and you will be one 7 all attraction for many. 

Link: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/1093153315/scooby-doo-custom-hi-top-cartoon-movie?ref=lx_share

4. Dogo Scooby doo boots:

Dogo bran dis famous for its shoes. This Scooby doo shoes vans are really warm and comfortable. So in the winter times, when it is tough out there; you can wear these to keep yourself warm. These boots are also handmade from high quality synthetic leather and printed with solvent free painting. This shoe heel height is 3.5 cm and its shaft has a height of 6 cm. It has an inner material of Alcantara. 

This shoe is highly prohibit to wash with chemical. You need to be careful for this. If get dirty, just use a cloth to wipe the shoe.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/listing/937969651/scooby-doo-boots-dogo-hungry-doo-scooby?ref=lx_share

These are four Scooby doo shoes that were in my favorite’s list. You can also for some others and you must. You can also try Scooby doo tennis shoes and Scooby doo shoes for toddlers.


Scooby doo shoes are a purely casual shoes and if not carefully chosen; it can ruin your whole look but it can also make you a person of style. so before ordering, choose wisely.

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