How to Get Rasputin Key Fragments in Destiny 2?

Are you looking to collect Rasputin key fragments in Destiny 2? Yes! You are doing it right all this while. Warming DLC expansion regularly introduces newer ways and techniques to proceed in Destiny 2. But earning the required encrypted cache key is not easy though.

Despite earning these smaller items getting an encryption key to successfully decrypt the cache key is of utmost importance. It helps the players to successfully collect weapons and other powerful suits to fight the threats that come their way.

So, if all this while you were stressed about the newer warming DLC expansion items. Additionally, the encrypted keys and further their decryption, stress not! We have curated every detail that you need to know beforehand. Moreover, this will assist you to achieve 7 decryption keys to further use with Ana Bray.

What are Rasputin key fragments?

Back in the year 2018, the Warmind DLC expansion released a few collectible items referred to as Rasputin key fragments. The player needs to collect these key fragment keys. Afterward, they can collect encryption keys from the vendor of Mars Ana Bray.

These fragment keys need to be a total of 7 in number. This will help you to get the encrypted keys. Furthermore, these encrypted keys help you get the decrypted keys. And when you finally reach the escalation protocol ultimate level, after you kill the main boss, the loot chest is the ultimate reward. This can open up only with the decrypted keys. Read on to know the complete details to proceed through the escalation protocol ultimate level. 

Why are Rasputin key fragments important?

As mentioned above when you collect Rasputin key fragments, you get access to the encrypted keys. For the successful possession of such 7 such fragments, you need to head to Mars vendor, Ana Bray. Although the collection of these collectibles is a little difficult, the rewards are worth it.

Below are the ways and methods using which you get to collect the required 7 fragment keys in Destiny 2.

How to get Rasputin key fragments in Destiny 2?

There are different ways that could help you to get Rasputin key fragments in the Warmind DLC expansion. It is quite similar to the Warmind DLC only. So, underneath are a few methods. 

  • Firstly, on Mars, you can complete some heroic missions or adventures. Is likely to rare drop a total of two fragment keys from these activities. You need to understand here, that the Warmind DLC expansion for Destiny 2 is giving off fragment keys as a rare drop. This is causing a lot of confusion among the players. We hope that it is clear to you now.
  • Secondly, beat nightfall. When you complete the nightfall, you get a reward in the form of a drop of seven fragments key. Isn’t this great? After all, this is all that you need. These are seven fragment keys to get the encrypted cache key from Mars vendor, Ana Bray.

Although this is a constant change pattern in the game. But, right now the brave nightfall is all that you need to propagate ahead. You need to remember here, that nightfalls are the most difficult to get. So, in any case, you have to decide for yourself. Which way do you want to proceed? Fighting heroic or braving nightfalls!

Destiny 2 how to get a decrypted cache key?

After collecting seven Rasputin key fragments successfully. The next order of events is quite easier to proceed with. You need to take them along with you to the vendor on Mars, Ana Bray. Do business with her. 7 fragment keys are equivalent to one encrypted key. This can happen just once every week. Also, remember, that you can carry along just one encryption key at any given time.

Now the next important question is to convert these encrypted keys into a d2 decrypted cache key. How do I do it?

Well, to convert encrypted keys into decrypted keys, you need to accomplish 7 escalation protocol levels. It simply means to engage yourself in playing the escalation protocol levels on the planet Mars, as long as the system tells you- you have a decrypted cache key. Unlike encrypted keys, there isn’t any particular number to possess when it comes to decrypted keys. You can have as many as you are able to collect.

This is all about the way- Destiny 2 how to get decrypted cache key?

How can I use the Destiny decrypted cache key?

Once you have successfully collected the decrypted keys, the next process is quite similar to the Warmind DLC. In the expansion, you have to proceed to defeat all the escalation protocol levels until the end game. It may sound a little easier to you, but, in reality in the Warmind DLC expansion, it is quite tough.

You ought to get a fire team on your side. When you reach the top of the escalation protocol levels, kill the main boss. Next, a loot chest drops off. To open these loot chests, you need the decrypted keys.

Also, you need to remember here being the ultimate boss in the escalation protocol is tough. The same is further changed on a weekly basis, as there are a total of five different bosses.

In addition, the loot chest you get here is a rare chest. It is available only in the escalation protocol. Thus, use the decrypted keys to open up the loot chest to get the incentives.


This was all about the Rasputin key fragments, the collectible items. The rare collectible items are a rare drop in the Warmind DLC expansion Destiny 2. A total of 7 leads you to the encrypted key and finally, to the decrypted key. This key is important to open up the rare loot chest that you get at the escalation protocol after killing the main boss. So, these were the steps and tips to successfully get fragment keys, encrypted keys, and decrypted keys. All you need to hail through the escalation protocol levels. So, what are you waiting for? Go and hunt!

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