4 Best Pokemon Backpack For Your Child

Are you searching for a Pokemon Backpack for your child? If I remember, one of the best things I witnessed during my childhood was all those animated series that used to make my day wonderful. Some of those were Pokemon, Beyblade, Phineas and Ferb, Mr. Bean, Oswald, and many more. 

Well, it’s always good to keep sweet memories with yourself. Some stuff those are related to those memories can help to remember those time. Today I am going to share one of my favorite stuff. Those are Pokemon Backpacks. So let’s go on a nostalgic ride of Pokemon.

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon, an abbreviation for pocket monsters is a Japanese media franchise. It is managed by the pokemon company. Its founders are Nintendo. Famous satoshi Tajiri has created its franchise in 1995. The animated show was centered on fictional characters called pokemon which were generally animals with specific powers. In pokemon, humans catch pokemon and train them. Later they call them for a fight in front of other Pokemon for sport. 

However, pokemon was first released as a video game named Pokemon: red and green. 

The basic story plot of pokemon is about Ash, a 0 years old boy who is going on an adventure journey. He is going to catch new pokemon, travel to cities, and fight against the best players in the world, and one day he will become the best Pokemon Trainer and a World Champion. Pokemon is still one of the most popular shows of all time. Since its first animated series, pokemon has brought many animated seasons and movies to us. There is one live-action movie of pokemon also.  

Pokemon Merchandise: Pokemon Backpack

Pokemon is still one of the most famous and favorite shows of all time. not only it was famous for its game but it was famous for the unique and interesting storyline of its animated series and its beautiful merchandise for all people of all ages. 

The pokemon company has a very wide range of pokemon merchandise which includes pokemon clothing for kids, men & women, pokemon bands, pokemon belts, pokemon backpacks and lunchboxes, and pokemon footwear. Today pokemon merchandise holds a value of up to $64.1 billion. 

You can find all these in any store of Walmart store near you. As I already said pokemon merchandise is one of those things that you can use in your daily life. These things will make you remember your golden childhood. 

4 Best Pokemon Backpack Walmart:

  • Pokemon Charmander cosplay mini backpack:

Walmart is giving this mini kid pokemon bookbag which is named Charmander cosplay mini backpack only for $75. This pokemon backpack is one of my personal favorites. This pokemon backpack features a cute large Charmander in its whole design. 

It is yellow in orange in color same as Charmander. It is a pre-order item. You need to order it and then the manufacturer will make it as per your order.

This bag is officially a licensed pokemon bag. The pokemon company has made it with faux leather with applique, Embroidered, and printed details. It has adjustable shoulder straps and it is very easy to handle. It has Charmander fabric lining. Its measures are 9“x10“x4.5“.

  • Pokemon Backpack-squirtle(aqua):

This pokemon backpack is unique in itself. The manufacturer company has chosen an aqua theme for designing this backpack. It is blue in color and the color really eyes soothing. This pokemon backpack contains a large design of the famous pokemon Squirtle on it. The Manufacturer Company has put the design of many blue hearts made of water bubbles on its front that makes it cool and stylish in looks. 

This bag is made up of faux leather and has printed and embroidery on its front. It also has the feature of adjustable shoulder straps. Its size is 10“x10“which makes it more spacious. 

This backpack is very famous among kids’ pokemon backpacks so if you are having any kids in your family, it would be great to gift them or them this backpack. You can buy it for only $25.

  • Pokemon’s Pikachu adorable mini backpack with 3d ears:

This Pikachu-shaped mini backpack has won many hearts including boys and girls. This backpack is having a full Pikachu design with 3D ears. The theme of this bag is the tagline of the whole pokemon series and franchise. ‘Go catch’em all. This Pikachu face anime cartoon character backpack is the best product for boys’ and girls’ pokemon backpacks. 

The bag has a custom design that features a big & bold Pikachu face over the front pocket. This backpack has dimensions of 8.5” wide x 11” in height. It is pokemon licensed. This backpack is 100 % authentic. It is made up of 100% high-quality polyester material. It is easily available at $39.99. This is a perfect pokemon backpack for school.

You need to be careful while using this pokemon backpack. Regular washing may wash the cartoon character’s wipeout. You must wash this bag gently and with a damp cloth for quick & easy care.

  • Angry Pokemon Pikachu heavyweight canvas backpack bag in olive:

This is really an amazing bag. Not only late teens but adults can also use it very well. This bag has a special compartment that can hold notebooks, supplies, books, and all your other daily necessities. This bag is very spacious as it can hold a 12 to 15-inch laptop. It has 3 front zippered pouches, one main compartment, 2 side pockets with elastic and tie-down straps, and a top carry handle.

You can also use this bag in various ways. As your daily school bag, as your work bag, as your laptop bag, as a traveling bag. The cost for this pokemon backpack is only $42.99.

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