Pascal Disney: Disney’s Loved Character

When it comes to Tangled, Disney’s 2010 animated feature film, Pascal Disney, is a prominent character. Rapunzel keeps him as her pet chameleon to hide and express himself, who can change color. Pascal is Rapunzel’s confidant and self-appointed guardian because of his combative disposition. Pascal Disney would continue to be Rapunzel’s best friend and confidant as she grew older. He was Rapunzel’s only friend while imprisoned in the tower, save from Mother Gothel. Rapunzel had instructed him to hide whenever Gothel came close.

Who is Pascal Disney?

Pascal would always stay close to his mother’s side for protection. A snake bit the two chameleons on a rainy night. His mother was slain in the process of rescuing him, but it gave him time for a safe exit. Pascal climbed the tower after hearing a young girl’s voice in the distance while wandering through remote woodland.

Pascal Disney Tangled:

Playing hide-and-seek with Rapunzel, Pascal tangled is introduced. Pascal wants Rapunzel to leave the tower, but it seems impossible because of Mother Gothel. Pascal hides in plain sight whenever Gothel makes an appearance. As well as helping Rapunzel with her duties, fun, and painting, Pascal Disney is also there to support her. Gothel shouts at rapunzel for having such a stupid dream when Pascal finally persuades her to come out of the tower.

Tangled’s Happily Nigh:

When one of Pascal’s errant petals lands on Maximus’ nose, the wedding rings of Rapunzel and Eugene are lost. A sneeze from Maximus causes the rings to roll away from him and vanish. The two then embark on a comic quest to reclaim the rings after experiencing visions of everyone in attendance growing unhappy over their disappearance and an explosion devastating the entire kingdom.

Before the Happily Ever After:

Ever After, Pascal Disney joins Rapunzel in Corona’s castle as she accepts the throne and takes on her new duty as a princess. As Rapunzel’s upcoming coronation to be crowned an official princess approaches, he accompanies her in nearly every attempt. He is well aware of her anxiety about the time commitment to becoming a royal.

The Series’ Pascal:

Rapunzel’s sidekick, assistant, and conscience, Pascal, has appeared in nearly every episode of the animated TV series thus far. “Vigor the Visionary” is the only episode where Pascal did not appear. It is often stated in “Pascal’s Story” that Rapunzel’s hectic social and business life prevents her from spending quality time with Pascal.

Pascal Rapunzel:

Pascal Rapunzel is still living together in Corona Castle. His initial enthusiasm for helping Rapunzel get used to her new role as a princess fades as she begins to doubt his suitability for the role, and he ends up fleeing the palace with her to Rapunzel’s isolated tower deep in the forest. To avoid an enraged snake, his mother sent him into hiding on a watery platform. He heard young Rapunzel singing as the serpent devoured his mother, floating down the waterfall.

Tangled Horse:

A more advanced type of CGI can be seen in the character of Maximus, the tangled horse. Disney’s 2010 animated feature film, Tangled, has Maximus as a supporting character. Flynn Rider’s arch-rival is a palace horse for Corona’s Royal Guard. Maximus is a horse that once belonged to the captain of the Corona’s guard, and he now lives at the palace.


Maximus would almost certainly have captured Flynn Rider if it weren’t for Rapunzel’s intervention. He had previously shown himself to be a much greater menace to Flynn Rider when he was a robber. With brown eyes and a blond mane, Maximus is a huge white horse with a blonde mane and tail. The sun sign of the realm is emblazoned on the saddle he rides. After sliding off a cliff during a battle with Rider, Maximus’ braided mane became untied, giving him his current wild appearance.

Tangled chameleon:

Find out the real story behind the eponymous tangled chameleon, Pascal Disney. Rapunzel’s pet chameleon, Pascal, appears in Tangled as Rapunzel’s pet chameleon. With her, he has a solitary existence. Despite his apprehension about the outside world, Rapunzel can count on Pascal to be there to offer encouragement and support whenever she needs it. Pascal conveys his thoughts and feelings through his expressive demeanor and facial expressions.

Tangled lizard name:

An Old World lizard best recognized for its remarkable ability to change color, the chameleon, is a member of this group. The anole, or false chameleon, is a New Region lizard belonging to the Anolis genus and has also been given the tangled lizard name. As soon as he and Rapunzel encounter Zachary Levi’s Flynn Ryder and Maximus, the two beasts become an unusual pair.

Pascal chameleon:

Rapunzel can always count on Pascal to be a true friend. Even though he cannot speak, it is evident that he is a driving factor in helping Rapunzel realize that she must leave the tower. Even though he encourages her, he has no idea what the outside world is like. Because he is a Pascal chameleon, he can alter his color to represent his feelings.


Pascal Disney, a silent, color-changing sidekick, is her only genuine friend. When Rapunzel decides to leave her solitary tower, Pascal is her confidant, coach, and cheerleader. The true colors of this encouraging and supporting friend may contain the key to solving a royal mystery.


What kind of animal is Pascal in Tangled?

 We first see Pascal and Maximus in Tangled (2010). Pascal Disney, a chameleon that lives with Rapunzel in Mother Gothel’s, is introduced as her pet and dearest friend.

Rapunzel’s chameleon is of what type?

When a college student posted footage of her veiled chameleon, the same pet that Rapunzel possesses in the Disney film Tangled, on social media, the internet called her “real-life Rapunzel.”

When it comes to chameleons, can you keep one as a pet?

A worried pet would only exacerbate the difficulties of caring for a chameleon, one of the more difficult reptiles to care for. Once you find a chameleon in captivity, keep an eye on it.

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