Mama And Little Teething Necklace

Babies’ teething periods can be challenging for both the mother and the infant. Young child only wants to feel better, and they typically achieve this by putting anything and everything in their mouths. In the meantime, the mother looks for anything and everything that might be calming to their teething baby. It may appear to be an eternal cycle that never ends. Here we describe mama and little teething necklace in this article.

What are mama and little teething necklace?

Mama’s and little ones’ teeth have been worn down over time and can cause issues with their oral hygiene and even lead to tooth decay. A mama’s and little ones teething necklaces can help keep their mouth clean and prevent tooth decay. There are many different types of teething necklaces out there. They range in price and quality; some are handmade, while others are mass-produced. There are two ways to get these necklaces; purchasing them online or at a local store. Online stores offer free shipping and discounts, making them a great option if you’re planning to get several.

Mom and the baby jewel who is teething. Luckily, relief comes in many different kinds and sizes. No matter where we are when teething problems begin, teething jewelry has been the ideal addition for my little one to provide fast comfort and relaxation.

For me to form a judgment and inform you of it, Mama and Little sent me a Lexi silicone teething necklace and a Finely silicone teething bangle for evaluation. I am not compelled to give a favorable review despite this agreement. I’ll act honorably and fairly.

Teething Necklace and Bracelet for Mama and Little

Teething jewelry created by Mama and Little can be worn daily with any clothing. All of the beads are made from premium, 100% food-grade silicone. They are soft for small mouths to chew on and non-toxic, free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or latex.

I used to love wearing lengthy necklaces and elaborate bracelets before I had children. However, my children now believe that pulling and twisting them is okay; as a result, my neck and wrists suffer battle wounds, or the jewelry is damaged. I’ve been able to reclaim some of my “pre-child” life thanks to Mama and Little because the jewelry is practically indestructible and secure enough for my kids to yank, gnaw, and toss at.

Teething necklace featuring Mama and Baby

I’m not sure about you, but when my daughter is teething, she prefers to stay close to my arms. Snuggle time is more enjoyable when my baby wears this teething necklace since she may get comfort from gnawing on the silicone beads and cuddling in my arms.

Due to the jewelry’s near indestructibility and safety for my kids to throw, tug, and gnaw on, Mama and Little have helped me reclaim some of my “pre-child” life.

Necklace with Mama and Baby Teething

I don’t know about you, but my infant like to stay close to my arms when she is teething. Because my infant may get comfort from gnawing on the silicone beads and being held in my arms, wearing this teething necklace makes cuddle time more enjoyable.

The beads and the bangle’s silicone construction are supple, strong, and portable. No matter what kind of clothing I wear—from formal to casual—the jewelry is a terrific complement. Knowing she can safely nibble on it; and

How can you make these adorable necklaces yourself?

I have wanted to make something special for my little girl since she was born, and I finally got to making her some mama and little teethed necklaces! These were super simple to make, and they came out great! My daughter loves them and wears them every day.

They are also perfect for baby showers, birthdays, or any occasion you want to give a gift that will last a lifetime.

Step 1: Take two small pieces of leather cord (or whatever material you prefer) and tie them together using a knot.

Step 2: Tie a loop onto each end of the leather cord.

Step 3: Thread the beads onto the leather cord. You can use any bead, stone, or gemstone. I chose to go with pretty aqua-color glass beads.

Step 4: Cut off the excess leather cord.

Step 5: Use glue to attach the ends of the leather cords to the back of the bead. Ensure they leave enough room between the leather cords and the dot so the leather cord doesn’t get stuck.

Step 6: Let cool completely before wearing.

Mama and little teething necklace benefits


Unlike stone-based teething necklaces, which are also very fashionable right now, silicone necklaces provide unparalleled safety. These non-toxic silicone components won’t harbor bacteria because there are no tiny fragments, and they are entirely hypoallergenic.


Start the dishwasher and place your silicone teething necklace on the top shelf. It is that simple.


Your child will be looking at mom while using the teether because mom, not the baby, is the one wearing the necklace. The chord is never over the baby’s neck, which reduces the risk of strangulation and stimulates healthy grabbing and chewing.


Before wearing, a silicone teething necklace can be place in the refrigerator. As a result, the soft silicone can cool and become even more calming for a baby’s sore gums.


Most likely, wearing a conventional teething ring as a bracelet is not something you want to do. But you might want to wear a silicone teething necklace from QALO. This jewelry is the epitome of form following function and is offer in appealing hues, patterns, and designs.

Are a mama and little teething necklace a practical baby gift?

Yes, The mama and little teething necklace is a simple and cute toy that helps babies to learn the basics of teething. It has three parts – the mama, the little teether, and the little teether ring. When you put it together with your baby’s mouth, they can suck on it while learning how to play with their teeth. It also makes the best present for new parents who want to give their baby something special for his first birthday.


In the world of baby accessories, there are many types of baby teething necklaces. Some are simple and easy to use, while others require more thought and effort.

This section will discuss the mama and little teething necklace many parents use worldwide. It is a simple piece of jewelry that can help parents with their child’s teething pain. A small metal tube is attach to any necklace or bracelet for better comfort and ease while nursing their child.

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