Lego Friends Treehouse Features and Full Review

Are you searching for a Lego friends treehouse? Yes! Well, you are in the right place. It indeed is the best gifting option for kids. Most of the time, several superheroes or kid’s movies or series have an influence on kids a lot. After watching the shows, the kids want to have their merchandise like bags, lunch boxes, dresses, toys, and others.

One such is the Lego friends. It is the variety of toys under the Lego friends’ merchandise. The toys are readily available in several online stores. You can buy it for your kids or gift it to someone.

If you are already aware of the toy set, it is time for you to buy it. But, if you aren’t sure about it yet, it is high time. Don’t stress! We have curated the details for you to know everything beforehand. Read on to know.

What Is Lego Friends Treehouse?

Lego friends treehouse centers around five characters named Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia, and Emma who live in Heartlake City. Every one of the characters has explicit interests, like creature darling, cosmetologists, and pop stars. 

The subject portrays their homes, pastimes, vehicles, and most loved spots to invest their free energy. The line presented the small doll figure in Lego Friends development toy sets, supplanting the customary Lego Minifigure. The small doll is slighter taller than a Minifigure, more slender and curvier, and was an enhancement for the Belville range, which didn’t have customizable figures. 

It is additionally viable with the more extensive Lego item range. Lego Friends likewise presented a scope of new block tones, including purple, lavender, blue-green, and turquoise.


The Mia and me Lego centers around five high school young ladies who live in the anecdotal town of Heartlake City. Each character has an unmistakable character, which is represented by her most loved activities. 

  • Andrea – a sure and appealing artist who loves to perform.
  • Emma – is an inventive and innovative person who articulates her thoughts through art.
  • Mia – a creature sweetheart who appreciates being outdoors.
  • Olivia – is an inquisitive person with an enthusiasm for science.
  • Stephanie – an energetic person who loves well-being and fitness.

What Are The Features Of The Lego Friends Treehouse?

Here are the features and specifications of the Lego friends Mia’s tree house 41335 that is Lego friends treehouse:

  • Incorporates Mia and Daniel smaller than normal doll figures, in addition to Mimì the rabbit
  • Whizz down the zip wire and afterward scramble back up to the treehouse
  • Take the skateboard for a twist in Heartlake City Park
  1. Highlights a treehouse got to by stepping stool or scramble net, an upper room with an opening rooftop, a tree trunk with a capacity box, and a rabbit house.
  2. Lego friends treehouse incorporates Mia and Daniel smaller than normal doll figures. In addition to Mimì the rabbit and Cinnamon the bird pet figures for making fellowship stories.
  3. Set up an interesting night for Mia’s companions with apparition stories, pre-packaged games, and pizza. In addition, Daniel’s secret box is in the loft!
  4. This LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House development toy loads with highlights. Again, this aims to make long stretches of good times for Mia, her sibling, and any companions. Those who may drop by. There’s a collapsing stepping stool, scramble net, and a zip wire for admittance to and from the subsequent floor. In addition, it also includes the following:
  5. Incorporates 2 small-scale dolls in addition to 2 creature figures.
  6. Treehouse playset measures more than 6″ (16cm) high, 6″ (17cm) wide, and 6″ (16cm) profound; the Bunny house measures more than 1″ (3cm) high, 1″ (4cm) wide and 1″ (3cm) profound.
  7. Lego friends treehouse contains 351 pieces.

What Are The Benefits Of Lego Friends Treehouse?

There are several benefits of Mia’s tree house for kids. Some of them are as follows:

  • Problem-solving: the children learn to solve the puzzle toys by themselves. This inculcates the skills of problem-solving attitude in kids. There are several parts in a puzzle, this has to arrange together to form the desired shape or scene. Hence, the kids challenge themselves to solve it on their own.
  • Imagination: the children use their imaginative power to arrange different parts together to make the desired shape. Upon failure, they try it again and again, from different perspectives and using their imagination. Moreover, to do it the right way.
  • Self-expression: through a toy, a kid learns to express his thoughts. In addition, children explore the toys and their associated parts as well.
  • Mathematics: kids learn a lot of mathematical values through toys. It includes measurements, comparisons, numbers, estimation, balance, addition, subtraction, and others.
  • Continuity and permanence: The toys have a special place in the heart of the kids. Also, the kids love to explore their favorite toys regularly. Sometimes, it could be a solo event while other times a group activity is also possible. But, in any case, continuity and permanence are there.

Some more benefits

  • Creativity: Children learn the art of creativity through toy sets. For example, the Lego friends tree house helps kids to appreciate the beautifully designed miniature characters. Along with this, other parts of the treehouse too. Thus, kids also learn to make creative things on their own.
  • Science: the kids learn a lot of scientific facts and reasoning through their favorite toys. Furthermore, they are able to identify and differentiate between different events as well.
  • Self-esteem: when kids learn to build something by themselves, they feel proud. Their self-esteem rises to touch the sky. Additionally, they are always motivated and encouraged to do productive things in life.
  • Social and emotional growth: When a kid plays in a group, the kid develops values for social connection. In addition, emotional assistance as well. The kids also learn to share with their friends. In this way, toy sets are the source of social and emotional growth in children.
  • Holistic development: Finally, Lego friends mia’s treehouse helps kids to inculcate overall development in themselves. Ranging from social values to creativity, kids learn every value that aims for overall development of kids.

These are a few benefits of toys for kids. So, if you are planning to buy your kid his or her favorite set, don’t delay. Buy it today and give them the opportunity to explore, learn, and develop.


This was all about lego mia’s tree house toy for kids. You can order it for your kids or gift someone from several online stores. It is a very popular toy among kids. In addition, it provides educational perspectives and developmental scopes to kids.

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