Leap Year for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a teacher or a student searching about leap year for kids’ information? Yes! You are in the right place. A leap year is an addition to the usual 365 days of the year. Thus, making 366 days in a year. The addition of an extra day is to the shortest month of the year which is February month. In this way, the shortest month of February with just 28 days contains 29 days in the leap year.

The leap year occurs every four years. Several innovative techniques and methods are available nowadays. Further, providing required knowledge about leap day for kids. Also, here in this article, there is every single detail about leap year for kids. So, without wasting any time, let us start.

What is a leap year for kids?

a year where an additional day adds to the Gregorian schedule. This utilizes by the vast majority of the world. While a standard year has 365 days, this year has 366 days. The additional day, February 29, is added to the long stretch of February.

In a common year, February has 28 days, however, this year, it has 29 days. The extra 29th day, called a leap day, is every day of the week as the main day of the month, February 1. Likewise, in a leap year, the long stretches of January, April, and July all begin around the same time of the week.

This year comes once like clockwork. Along these lines, this year can generally be equally divisible by four. For instance, 2012 was a jump year. Yet, a year isn’t a leap year when it tends to be uniformly separated by 100. Yet, can’t likewise be equally partitioned by 400. This is the reason 1600, 2000, and 2400 are leap years. But, 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not.

For what reason do we have leap year for kids? 

We have these years because rather than 365 days, the Earth truly requires a couple of moments under 365-1/4 days (365.24219) to go totally around the Sun. Without these years, the seasons would begin one day sooner on the schedule at regular intervals. Following 360 years, spring (which ordinarily starts on March 21) would start on December 21 (when the usually starts the winter season).

Various nations utilize a lunar schedule (in light of the moon, rather than the Sun, similar to our sun-powered schedule). They have these years when they add an extra lunar month. Various schedules unexpectedly add an additional month.

What is a leap day for kids?

The particular day of 29th February is well-known as the leap day of the leap year. Also, anyone can have a birthday in a leap year. But, the babies born on a leap day are well-known as leap babies. The birth date is 29th February. These babies celebrate their birthdays either on the 28th of February or on the 1st of March every year.

How many seconds in a leap year?

Since there are a total of 366 days in a leap year. Hence, there are a total of 31622400 seconds in a leap year. Furthermore, the total of leap years in the half of the 21st century are as mentioned below:

2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, and 2048.

Thus, these are the leap years containing leap days that is 29th February, and a total of 366 days in the year.

What is the significance of leap year for kids?

The year due to the Gregorian calendar (365 days) and Earth’s orbit around the Sun (approximately 365.25 days) aren’t the same. Thus, to equate these two and to keep our year calendar correctly placed for the seasons as well. Furthermore, the leap year occurs every four years adding an extra day to synchronize these two different length sets.

Otherwise, the calendar and the different seasons wouldn’t remain synchronized. This is the reason for the leap year having an additional 366 days in place of the usual 365 days. Moreover, this is the same reason why a leap year doesn’t begin or end on the same day of the week. Years except for leap year start and end on the same days of the week.

Fun activities for kids on a leap year 

A leap year for kids brings an enormous amount of joy for kids. Several activities could arrange for kids on this special day. This further encourages learning and interest among the kids significantly. 

  • If you are a teacher, you could plan out leap year parties for your kids.
  • Additionally, leap year quizzes are a great way to encourage learning among kids. Thus, the learning attained through such methods is lifelong learning. 
  • This also motivates kids to actively participate in the parties and quizzes. Further, inculcates, competitive and social values among kids. 
  • Moreover, all these values are of utmost importance for the holistic development of kids.
  • Several leap-year videos for kids are great sources available on the internet today. As a teacher or a parent, you could utilize these videos. 
  • These are great learning resources for kids. The different concepts related to leap year and other fun facts related to leap year for kids are available. 
  • This interests and engages the multi-sensory motors of kids. Furthermore, promoting everlasting learning among kids.

How to find out if a year is a leap year?

By now, you must know that a leap year comes after every 4 years. But, there is another simplest method to check, if the given year is a leap year or not. The method is available below:

  1. Firstly, divide the given year by 4. If it completely divides the given year, it is a leap year.
  2. Also, a given year should be divisible by 100 and additionally, with 400, to be a leap year. For example, in 1600 and 2000; two were leaping years.

Summing up 

There are several methods and teaching aids to make kids learn about the leap year. This will be a fun fact and an interesting thing for them to learn. Further, an innovative approach could be an add-on advantage for life-long learning.

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