King Kong Toys: An Action Gift For Kids

King Kong is a world-famous franchise. It would be nearly impossible to find someone who is not a fan of monstrous King Kong films. They are full of action, and adventure. Giant size monsters are a very essential part of it. It is one of the classic and most successful franchises in the world. Here we are talking about its merchandise version King Kong Toys.

Different directors and film producers are working on it for decades. As a result, this franchise makes a lot of money for them. But one thing that has uplifted its value from surface to sky is its action figures. So let’s talk about King Kong and its awesome action figures.

History of King Kong:

King Kong was first introduced in the year 1933. A guy named C. cooper imagined King Kong. C. cooper was born in Jacksonville Fla. At the small age of 6, C. Cooper decided to be an explorer. He was a war hero too. After he started his work as a reporter and explorer. Soon he made a natural drama story about King Kong and Godzilla. He came up with the idea and it performed more than expected. 

It’s first hit the theaters in 1933. The sequel followed its movie the same year. The next movie related to King Kong came in 1967.  Then it came as a TV series. In the year 2005 filmmaker Peter Jackson made the reboot the original film and it again hit the theatres and became a blockbuster. Following this, a film starring King Kong came in 2017 and was a part of Monster Verse. That includes King Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla, and Godzilla versus Kong. 

Action figures are nowadays an essential part of our film industry. The first made action figure was G.I. Joe. Later on, the industry of solid plastic toys took over many fictional cinema characters. King Kong no doubt became a champion in this also.  

In today’s world films earns through their toys and video games more than the actual release. King Kong also has an impact like this. Even people who have not seen any movie or read any comics know his name. That’s how much popular this fictional monster is!

After the launch of Action figures companies soon started the King Kong toys action figure. Now you can go to any toy store and find an awesome and attractive action figure that would be in the self with pride. 

Top 6 King Kong Toys Action figure:

Since its introduction, King Kong has become super popular in the market and companies like NECA have made many versions of it. 

NECA stands for ‘National Entertainment Collectibles Association. It is an American manufacturer of collectibles typically licensed from films, video games, sports, music, and television. So let’s look at the top 10 King Kong Toys action figures.

1. King Kong toys movie appearance in 1933: 

This model is directly taken from the first King Kong movie in 1933. A giant-size ape who has hairs on his body at every place. His legs are wide and strong and his arms are longer in ratio to his legs.  This action figure comes in the size of 11.4 x 11.2 x 5.6 inches. Also, this representation is quite rare in the market. 

2. King Kong Resin Model Kit:

This model is very interesting in itself. King Kong is directly crushing its enemy T-Rex under his powerful legs. This is clearly from Skull Island. In this model, King Kong is on the defeated T-Rex and he is beating his chest as a victory sign. This model is 7.25 x 9.50 x 13.25 inches. This model comes to life with highly detailed resin. You need to fix King Kong toy legs on the lying T-Rex at the perfect place given in the model.

3. Kong with a battle-ax:

In this model, King Kong is using his battle ax with pride. The manufacturer has put great detailing over the King Kong. Its roaring expression on its face gives awesome effects on everyone. The manufacturer has also taken care of the battle damage on the King Kong toy. This toy is 6 inches in height. You can also move this model’s arm, legs, head, and knees. But there is no articulation in his feet. This articulation enables a great range of poses for the Big King Kong Toy.

4. Giant King Kong model:

This model of King Kong toy is surely a giant one. Its height is 11 inches. The detailing is amazing and perfect. It is a total match with a real gorilla. In this model, you have a choice to move your hands, legs, head, and arms. This also comes with a fighting battle-ax.

5. Kong Skull Island Toys:

Kong Skull Island is the biggest King Kong toy in the market. It is 18 inches in height. You can change its poses means its parts can move as per your choices. Not only kids but adults also want to keep this version of the King Kong toy. It comes in multicolor. You can easily buy this at any store near your house.

6. Kong’s last stand:

Weta Collectibles has released this model of King Kong. This is an 8 x 11 x 3 inches statue. It is inspired by the 2005 King Kong reboot. This model shows King Kong grabbing one jet plane over the Empire State building of the United State. The details on sculpting are fantastic. It truly shows the potential of King Kong. The manufacturer has taken care of minimal details like windows and top designs. King Kong here has long arms and short but strong legs.

Where to buy King Kong Toys:

The best places where I personally prefer to buy anything and everything are Walmart and Amazon. King Kong toys amazon and King Kong toys Walmart come in a range of $20-$300. In between the years, mostly during holidays and festivals, big stores like Amazon and Walmart and also some local stores keep the toy King Kong for sale.


A King Kong toy is a perfect gift for a boy who loves action and adventure. The King Kong toys bring the movie’s fictional monsters into real life. And only kids but you also can keep it as your secret collection.

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