Kidz Love Soccer- Best Soccer Institute for Your Child

We all love to see the fantastic teamwork and passion that footballers show on the field. We all remember Ronaldo and Messi making the show incredible. Football is something that unites the whole world. Football not only gives you fame but also great health. Being a football lover means being truly sporty. This article is about Kidz Love Soccer.

There are many reasons why you should choose to send your child to learn football and be involved in physical activity. It’s important for your child to learn how important his/her physical health is. And how to maintain it?

Kidz Love Soccer is one of those places where you can easily send your child to learn about football and physical health information. But is this actually worth your attention? Would it be good to send your child to Kidz Love soccer? 

In this blog, I will share all details about the Kidz soccer organization.

What is Kidz Love Soccer?

Kidz Love Soccer is a community soccer classes company. The organization has been running its soccer classes for kids since the year 1979. Kidz soccer is a friendly and organized soccer camping class that offers its services to children from ages 2 years to 12 years. They have trained certified trainers. They all are capable of teaching the football game in the easiest way possible. 

Trainers take care of children by dividing them into groups of the same age. They make sure that any activity hurts no one. Kidz Soccer Love also offers soccer camps in more than 200 communities. 

In the time span of four decades, they have trained more than one lakh graduates. Their training is practical and suits to field. Hence they serve greatly when children use that in the game. 

Kidz Love Soccer History:

‘Here soccer is always fun.’

Kidz 10 Soccer always follows this rule in their work culture. This only makes it clear why it has been one of the most preferable places for parents. 

This organization was founded in the year 1979. From then only they are working for little kids. Those who want to become fit and a footballer. In the year 1979, they started their journey from California. 

In the 90s, they started opening their other centers to cover more places. Soon it became one of the best institutes for playing and fitness for children. 

Today after 40 years, they still follow their basic work culture. In a span of 40 years, they have managed to train thousands of students. A total of 100000 students have graduated from this institute.

Kids Love Soccer Services:

Kidz Love Soccer offers fresh and engaging football programs for your child. Our certified soccer teachers teach the fundamentals of soccer in the easiest way. Here, we divide our students into six different age groups. 

1. Mommy Daddy and Me: 

This is especially for children of age between two and three and a half years. This program is a fun activity with an introduction to football in your child’s life. Any one of the parents will participate on their children’s side. In this program your kid will learn chasing, kicking, and listening. 

2. Tot Soccer: 

This program is for children between the age group of three and a half years to four years. This program will help your child to learn an organized football match without any parent. Sometimes this can be hard. Children feel very nervous about it. But we have our entertaining games like bugs in the house to keep you entertained. 

3. Pre Soccer: 

Pre Soccer actually starts your child’s journey into a real football game. This program offers soccer for 4 years, old kids. The age group for this program is four to five years. This program helps a kid develop a lifelong love for soccer. We train your child with the fundamentals of soccer. Here your child will also learn sportsmanship. He/ she will learn to share, passing, and be aware of his/her team members. 

4. 1 Soccer: 

Soccer 1 program includes children of age group five to six years. This program is fun as well as a training ground for your child. This program is also good for a first-time player. The soccer 1 training program teaches your child the basic techniques of a football match. It includes dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting extra. 

5. 2 Soccer: 

The soccer 2 program includes children of age seven to ten years. This program trains your child in advanced skills of football. This includes dribbling, passing, and shooting as a team. The program also teaches children to defend and mid-field to forward. In this program, kids will play from position to learn what suits them best. We also offer Kidz Soccer love jerseys to students. 

6. 3 Soccer: 

Soccer 3 is a perfect class for older kids. We held this program once a week. This program is for children between ten to twelve years of age group. We develop team strategies at every meeting. Your child will learn the professional aspect of soccer. Yet we take care that he/she feels no pressure during the sessions. Here he/she learns to play from different positions and with different teammates. 

7. Online classes and resources:  

In these pandemic times, we offer you zoom classes to learn at your home. Our experienced coaches teach various different games your child can play at home. We strongly recommend adults be with their children during online classes.


Kidz Love Soccer seems like a wonderful place to get your child in. But like all things in the world, this too has some weak points. On Google, this has mixed reviews. Most people call it an average place, not so much appropriate for kids. Some state that the organization is fully unprofessional. They don’t even divide groups among children. Your 6-year-old kids can face 10 years old kids in the field. However, some people praise the whole system. They say that their kids loved the place and curriculum. They also mention some of their official trainers’ names for their friendly helpful behavior.


Kidz Soccer gets mixed reviews. In my point of view, you just need to do an inspection visit before you admit your child to this institute. You must make sure that your child will be safe here. And he/she will learn football properly. 

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