16 Best Kids Winter Birthday Party Ideas for 2023

Are you searching for kids winter birthday party ideas? yes! Then, you are absolutely in luck. in this article, we will tell you about the top 10 kids winter birthday party ideas, winter birthday party ideas for kids, and winter birthday party ideas for a 10-year-old boy.

Winter birthday parties are often not only fun, but they’re also great learning experiences for children! By having birthday parties during the colder months, kids get the opportunity to explore what they enjoy doing outside. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to host a winter-themed birthday party.

10 best Kids winter birthday party ideas

  • Winter Birthday Party Games

The games for your child’s winter birthday party should revolve around snowballs, sledding, ice skating, snowball fights, and many other activities related to the cold weather. These games are perfect for any event, whether you’re throwing a winter birthday party or just going out for a day of fun in the snowy outdoors with your family.

  • Winter Birthday Party Decorations

When hosting a kids winter birthday party, decorating the space really matters. Make sure that everything is decorated appropriately, including tablescapes, centerpieces, and decorations. You want your guests to feel comfortable enough to stay and have fun with their friends. If you don’t know where to start when decorating your kid’s winter birthday party venue, consider the following options:

  • Snowflakes
  • Icicles
  • Frosty trees
  • Snowmen and snowwomen
  • Candy Canes
  • Chilly treats

What are winter themes for a party?

If you’re looking to really make your winter birthday party unique, then try using some winter-themed favors instead of traditional gifts. You could use a variety of things, depending on your budget and the theme of the kids winter birthday party. For example, if your theme is winter sports, you could give them mittens, skates, ski poles, and other items. Or, maybe your theme is Christmas time? Then, you could use stocking stuffers, reindeer food, stockings, and more. Whatever you choose, make sure that there are plenty of different types of winter-related gifts for everyone to enjoy!

1. Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Winter parties are fun for kids and adults alike! There’s no doubt about it, wintertime is a great time to celebrate birthdays. From snowballs to sledding, wintertime activities are perfect for kids’ birthday parties. Here are some fun winter birthday party ideas for kids.

2. Snowball Fight

 A snowball fight is always a hit at any kid’s birthday party. You’ll need enough snowballs for each child, plus extras just in case someone gets hurt. If you’re worried about safety, keep the snowballs soft. Throw them gently, not hard.

3. Sledding

If you live near a snowy area, you might want to consider sledding as a fun activity for your kids’ birthday party. Make sure you have plenty of space for everyone to play.

4. Ice Sculpting

You don’t need a lot of supplies for ice sculpting. All you really need is a big block of ice, a sharp knife, and something to carve. Start out small and work your way up to bigger pieces.

5. Ice Carving

Ice carving is a great craft project for kids. You can use anything from cookie cutters to old tools to create different shapes. Keep in mind that kids may get their hands covered in blood so make sure you’ve got a good first aid kit nearby.

6. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is always a popular beverage at a kids winter birthday party. You can either buy pre-made hot cocoa mixes or make your own by mixing together milk, sugar, and spices. Add marshmallows if you’d like.

7. Candy Land

Candyland is a classic board game for kids. You can find many versions online or in stores. For a twist, add a few edible treats to the board.

8. Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Winter kids birthday party ideas are fun and exciting events for kids. You can plan a winter birthday party theme based on the season. Kids love snow, ice, and cold weather. Plan a winter birthday party theme that includes snowballs, sledding, and ice skating. Make sure to dress warmly for the occasion. Include a cake and candles in the decorations.

9. Ice Skating Party

This game is an outdoor kids birthday party ideas. Ice skating parties are great for kids who enjoy playing sports. Have some skates and hockey sticks ready for the children’s winter birthday party ideas to use. Set up a rink in your backyard or have a local ice skating facility provide the equipment. If possible, invite friends over to skate with the kids.

10. Snowball Fight

Playing with the snowball is one of the funny winter kid birthday party ideas. Have a snowball fight at your house using frozen balls of snow. Invite friends over to join in the fun. You can make a big pile of snowballs outside and let the kids go crazy.

11. Snowman Building

You can build a snowman together with your child and his/her friends. Use old blankets and pillows to create a face for your snowman. Add a carrot nose, scarf, hat, mittens, and boots. Let your child decorate the snowman.

12. Sledding Party

Sledding parties are perfect for springtime. Find a hill covered with fresh snow and set out some sleds. Provide helmets for the kids so they don’t get hurt if they fall off the sleds. You can also rent sleds from a local sporting goods store.

13. Ice Cream Social

Invite kids over to eat ice cream and play games. Serve homemade ice cream and toppings. You can even make a special flavor just for the occasion.

14. Build A Snowman

Kids will love building their own snowmen. Create a base by stacking blocks or bricks. Then add a carrot nose, hat, scarf, and boots. The kids can paint the snowman any color they want.

15. Book a Hotel with a Pool

Having a birthday party is always fun, but staying at a hotel is even more fun. And, the best part is that you can still have a pool party just indoors! Book a hotel suite or two and let your teen invite a few friends over for a birthday party with a hotel slumber party and an indoor pool party.

16. Indoor Water park

If you like the idea of ​​having a pool party but want a little more excitement, you can book a hotel with an indoor water park! Places like The Great Wolf Lodge have it all, including accommodations, an indoor water park, and birthday parties perfectly packed with decorations, pizza, cakes, and other activities.


So, this was all about kids winter birthday party ideas. You can use these ideas for your child’s birthday party in the winter.  It depends on the occasion. If the party is going to be outside, then you probably want to dress your child accordingly. However, if you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, then you won’t need to worry so much about formal attire. Plus, if you’re planning on serving food, then you’ll probably want to provide casual clothing options for guests, such as shorts and t-shirts.

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