Kids Kingdom Daycare: Best Child Care Centre

Are you searching for a kid care center for your child? Kids Kingdom Daycare is one of those few organizations that take care of your children. As we all know taking care of a child is not a game of children. It’s really a tough task. Many parents fail at good parenting.

Their intentions can never be to compromise with their child or destroy their one and only childhood. The problem arises when in this busy schedule of modern life, parents could not find time for their own children. 

As result children never get a good environment to grow up in. They lack basic manners and a sense of trust in their parents. These kids often make themselves distant from their parents. They don’t share their point of view, sometimes they don’t even share big things with their parents.

So what to do? If you are a working parent and you really don’t want all these scenarios to happen to your child. It’s better you find a good organization that takes care of your child in a happy, friendly, and growing environment. 

Kids Kingdom Daycare is one of those few organizations that take care of all your needs. Let’s see how & why you can trust Kids Kingdom Daycare for your children.

Kids Kingdom Daycare:

Kids Kingdom is continuously working since 1986. It can be the best solution for all your difficulties with child care. Kids Kingdom is ready to serve you in the last moments of emergency. 

You don’t need any fixed appointment to contact them. They keep the child care center open for 6 days a week and gives a very friendly environment to your child. 

They have a license for taking care of children from ages 18 months to 12 years old.


Kids Kingdom is located at 1336 25th Ave S Ste 140; Fargo, ND 58103.

Phone number: (701)237-0380.

Kid’s Kingdom primarily serves in the area of Brunsdale.

Kids Kingdom Services:

Kids Kingdom Daycare provides 3 different types of programs for its clients. These three programs are scheduled and run by highly trained and certified staff.

  1. Day Care Center/ Nursery: The one big service that Kid’s kingdom provides is its daycare centers o nursery centers. You can do kids’ drop-in daycare at Fargo center for the whole daycare while you would be busy working.
  2. Child Care provider: Their second service is child care provider. Child Care Provider is a job where one person takes care of your kids and household (if needed) part-time or full-time.
  3. Baby Sitters: Kids Kingdom Fargo provides specially trained babysitters for your kids. They are properly trained and certified in child care. No one is allowed without proper knowledge of taking care of a child. 

Why you should trust Kids Kingdom Daycare?

Choosing a child daycare for your child can be a very difficult task to do. If you chose the wrong one, you can easily see the consensuses of this. 

Your child needs special care and a friendly growing environment for his/ her growth. As per the child specialists’ sayings; a child needs much more attention and love in his/ her early years of age 2 to 12. 

If you are a working person and you cannot be available for your child when choosing the right child daycare is not only a choice but a duty. Here is why Kids Kingdom Daycare can be a good choice for you. 

1. A licensed organization:

Nowadays there are many child daycare centers that don’t have proper licenses for opening a child care center. These centers lack a proper number of staff, a well-groomed space for playing and learning, special rooms for infants,s and an emergency system for unwanted situations. 

A lack of these services can affect your child’s safety and proper growth. Kid’s Kingdom provides well-trained staff who know how to do their work.

2. Proper distance from emergency services: 

It is good to check the distance from emergency services like hospitals, fire departments, and even your office. In case of any emergency, child daycare must have the accessibility to contact you and you must be able to come as soon as possible. 

Kids Kingdom daycare has this facility with them. Kid’s Kingdom is at a place that is very near to all kinds of services your child may need in your absence. 

3. A full-day activity plan: 

You must not send your child to such a child care center that has no fun and learning activity list for your child. Certainly in your absence, you would not want your child to watch television or use cell phones all day long. What will be the benefits if he/ she is doing the same thing in the child daycare center?

You must see the activity plan list for your child. Your child’s attention and activities to grow up, to understand the surrounding,s and to learn new things, mentally and physically. 

Well, kid’s kingdom is a place where your child will get numerous games and fun learning activities. Your child will play and roam among same-age children. Kids kingdom daycare provides special fun activities on special occasions like Christmas. 

4. Staff to children ratio:

This is a very important point but most people ignore it. They probably don’t even notice this as a big cause. 

Always remember, you will treat your child like a prince or princess so you need to send your child to a place that can give the same amount of care and love to your child. 

This is possible only when one organization has a balanced ratio of staff and children. 

Generally, small children demand more staff with them. On a report kids of age, one to three years need 1 staff for 5 children, three to four years old children need 1 staff for 7 children, and children of age 5 years to 6 years demand 1 staff for over 15 children.


Kids Kingdom care daycare follows these rules with all of its capacity and gives full care, love & attention to your child. So if you are in search of good child daycare, you need not worry; once visit the Kids Kingdom Daycare.

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