The Ultimate List of Homemade Hats for Babies

Babies love warm, cozy things. They are little creatures who love being held and cuddled. Homemade baby hat patterns are perfect for this. Besides, they are also a great way to use up scraps of fabrics in your stash. You can make so many different homemade hats for baby with just a few yards of fabric and some basic sewing skills. What’s more, homemade baby hats help to keep their ears warm, protecting them from the cold winter air and drafts that might creep into their little world at night. Babies will appreciate this extra layer of protection against the cold even more than we adults would.

These five articles will show you everything you need to know about making homemade baby hats for your little one. From step-by-step instructions about how to make a hat for babies with an aviator or preemie style, to ideas for using up scraps of fabric as well as yarn and felt.

What are homemade hats for baby?

Homemade hats for babies are a good way to keep your baby’s ears warm and protect them from the cold winter air. You can make a hat from felt, wool, acrylic, or even old fabric scraps. These hats are a great alternative to commercial ones, which are often too heavy or expensive for a baby’s head. You can also use your homemade hats to create a special look for your baby. You can dye fabric different colors, or use paint to create a design on a hat that your baby will be proud to wear.

How to make homemade hats for babies From an Aviator or Preemie Style?

This is the most common style of baby hat and is easily the favorite of most parents. Preemie hats are also a great style for babies with low foreheads, who often find regular-fitting hats too tight for their heads. There are a few different types of aviator hats, including the wide-brimmed style, which is great for keeping the sun out of your baby’s eyes but is also great for keeping the wind and cold air out of their little ears. These types of homemade hats for baby can be made from simple, everyday materials, such as cotton fabric and a piece of felt. You can also make them from the materials you have in your stash, such as a piece of felt and a bit of ribbon.

Which materials need for homemade hats for baby?

Fabric: You will need material to make the hat, such as a lightweight, cotton fabric. You can use any color or print that appeals to you.

Thread: You will need white sewing thread to sew the hat together. You can use any type of thread, but it should be a color that contrasts with the fabric you are using.

Scissors: A pair of scissors is necessary to cut out the pattern and fabric.

Soft homemade hats for baby

Soft hats for babies are great for infants and toddlers. They are soft and comfortable and they fit well on baby heads. You can make them yourself at home using fabric and elastic bands. These soft homemade hats for babies will keep your child warm and protected from sun rays and cold windy weather.

5 patterns homemade hats for baby

1. Crochet baby hat

Crochet baby hats have been around for many years. You may not know what crochet is but it’s basically making stitches over a hook using yarn. These hats are great for newborn babies because they keep their heads warm and help prevent sunburn.

2. Knitted baby hat

Knitted hats are similar to crocheted hats except they use knitting needles instead of hooks. Knitting is easier than crocheting because you don’t need to make loops first. Just knit straight rows and holes will appear where you want them.

3. Knitted beanie

A knitted beanie is a simple hat that uses only two colors of yarn and comes out looking cute and adorable. You can make these hats in any size and color combination you want.

4. Crochet baby bonnet

Baby bonnets are a type of hat that covers the top of the head and ears. Bonnets are usually worn by babies to protect their heads from the sun. Crochet bonnets are easy to make and look cute.

5. Crochet baby cap

This crochet pattern works well for children who are just learning how to crochet. A crochet baby cap is a basic hat that looks good and keeps your child’s head warm.

5 easy and quick ways to make a homemade baby hat

  • Homemade baby hats are super cute and great for babies to wear around town. You can make them out of yarn, felt, or even old t-shirts. All you need is some glue and a few supplies.
  • Make a hat using a square piece of fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise and sew along both sides leaving about 1/2 inch open at the top. Then fold down the top edge of the fabric and glue it down. Next cut a circle out of a piece of cardboard and place it inside the hat where the opening is. Cut a slit in the center of the hat and thread a ribbon through it. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon to the hat.
  • To make a cotton ball hat, use a small amount of fabric paint and a cotton ball. Paint the entire outside of the cotton ball and allow it to dry. Once dry, wrap the cotton ball with fabric tape and tie it off with string. Glue the ends of the tape together to keep them closed.
  • If you don’t have access to fabric paint, you can always just draw on the hat with markers.
  • If you want to make a really cute hat, try adding a little pompom to the end of the ribbon.


And there you have it. These are five great and FREE places to learn how to make homemade baby hats. Within these articles, you will learn all about making homemade hats for your little one, as well as how you can use different types of materials, such as felt, yarn, acrylic, and wool, and create different styles of hats. You will also learn how you can use your scraps of fabric to create unique hats. You will be inspired by all the different styles and designs that you can create, and you will want to try them all.

Homemade baby hats are a great way to keep your baby’s ears warm and protect them from the cold winter air. You can make a hat from felt, wool, acrylic, or even old fabric scraps. These hats can also be used as a cover while nursing, keeping your baby’s head warm and protecting their ears from the cold.

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