Halloween Phonics Activities for Kids

This lesson plan includes Halloween phonics activities for students to complete. Students will learn about Halloween vocabulary words while they practice their reading skills. There are two different lessons included in this lesson plan. One lesson focuses on learning how to read and write the word HALLOWEEN. The second lesson focuses on learning how the letter O sounds. Both lessons include a fun Halloween-themed writing activity.

Halloween phonics activities – lesson 1

In this first lesson, students will learn how to read and write each Halloween vocabulary word. Each student will have a chance to create a Halloween-themed picture using the words they learned. In addition, students will use the letters A, E, I, N, O, S, U, and V to make a Halloween-themed sentence. Finally, students will use the letter T to make a Halloween-inspired word.

Halloween phonics activities – lesson 2

In this second lesson, students will learn about the sound of the letter O. Students will listen to a recording of the letter O being spoken out loud. Then, students will use the alphabet song to identify the letter O. After identifying the letter O; students will use the same alphabet song to spell the word OAT. Finally, students will practice spelling the word OAT using the letter O.

Halloween phonics activities review

After completing both lessons, students will take a short quiz to test their knowledge of Halloween vocabulary words. Students will then have a chance to share what they learned about Halloween vocabulary words.

An important skill to learn

Students will have a chance to extend their learning after completing the Halloween phonics activities. Students will be able to choose between three different options:

  1. They can create a Halloween-themed story.
  2. They can create a poem about Halloween.
  3. They can create a drawing about Halloween.

There will be two different sets of these words on each page. One set will have the first letter of each word capitalized. These are the Halloween Sight Word Worksheets. The second set of words does not capitalize the first letter. These are the Halloween phonics activities. Both sets of words need to be memorized (just like learning your ABCs). You will find both sets on this site.

This is an essential skill, especially if you want to teach/teach others how to read fluently! You need to learn how to read correctly to read fluently.

List of Halloween word works

HalloweenHalloween phonics activities are a popular holiday celebrated throughout the world. It is a day when children dress up in scary costumes and go trick-or-treating for sweets and candy. On Halloween night, people celebrate the spirit of Halloween, which is the celebration of ghosts, ghouls, witches, vampires, werewolves, and monsters.

Word Work

Word work is any language activity that uses words to create sentences, poems, stories, etc. Different types of word work include reading books, writing letters, making flashcards, playing games, etc. We will use fun words in this lesson to make spooky wordplay!


Let’s begin our lesson with a warm welcome by introducing ourselves and learning about each other. We will then review vocabulary related to Halloween and learn how to conjugate certain verbs to fit the theme of the Halloween phonics activities. Finally, we will practice making sentences using these vocabulary words.

Halloween CVC worksheets

Halloween CVC Worksheets are designed to help students learn the concepts and skills they need to pass their California Vocational Competency Test (CVC) Exam. Each lesson includes interactive activities using computer simulations, videos, animations, and games. Students will use these tools to explore, analyze, and evaluate various topics, including:

– How to identify and understand CVC standards

– It is creating a course of study

– How to prepare for testing

– How to take the exam

This program contains a total of 31 lessons, with each lesson lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. There are four different levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner to advanced. Each lesson builds upon the previous lessons.

family Halloween activities

Halloween is a day of fun and excitement for everyone! They probably already know what they want to do on Halloween night if you have kids. But if you don’t, here are some ideas for family Halloween activities.


Trick-or-Treating is a favorite Halloween phonics activity for children. You can make it even more fun by dressing them up in costume. Consider giving out candy shaped like spider webs or ghouls.

What Are Halloween Party Games for Kids?

Halloween games are simple activities designed to make guests feel good, happy, and excited. These games can range anywhere from playing trivia games, having games of skill, musical chairs, obstacle courses, and even scavenger hunts. All these can be played at any event, whether a kid’s birthday party, a housewarming party or a wedding reception. Halloween phonics activities and games don’t have to be complicated to be fun!

Here are some ideas for Halloween party games for kids:

• Candy Corn Sticks: You need: 4 sticks, two balloons, tape, scissors, string, and confetti. First, cut off the top of both balloons using tape. Then use the scissors to cut a hole down the middle of the balloon along its length. Next, put the balloons inside out and tie them together using the string, leaving the end free. Once they are tied, stick the balloon ends in the ground. Place the sticks between the balloons and then blow the air out to create a cone shape. When the balloons deflate, they leave a perfect candy corn shape behind.

• Balloon Scavenger Hunt: You will want to print out several versions of the hunt. Each version should include 20 clues on a single page. Have your guests find the clues and fill in the blanks before they read the final clue. You may also add additional pages to the game to help keep track of who gets what.

• Haunted House: Get old sheets or blankets, plastic wrap, and white.

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