Growing Child Pediatrics: An Exclusive Pediatric Clinic

Are you searching for the right growing child pediatrics near you? Yes! Well, you are in the right place. Growing kids, right from conceiving to college years, are the major concerns for parents. As a parent, we strive to ensure, they are not just physically fit, but are also, mentally sound. Hence, their overall holistic development is the core concern. In persuasion, we want a center that serves an extensive range of services for the growing kids.

Therefore, several clinics are there that offer the services for ensuring fit and sound kids. But, these mee clinics aren’t enough to meet all the requirements for a growing kid. Hence, GCP is growing child pediatrics. Further, they ensure providing the highest quality services for a variety of needs under a single roof.

Are you an expecting parent or looking for pediatric care near you recently! Look no further than GCP. They are the best in the town. Moreover, they are providing an extensive range of services under a single roof. Again, to ensure a holistic overall development to growing kids, till they reach college.

So, if you have already contacted the experts at the center, you are in luck. But, if you aren’t able to decide on it yet, don’t despair! We have curated the details that you need to know beforehand, to help you persuade for the same.

What Is Growing Child Pediatrics?

Growing child pediatrics is an exclusive pediatric clinic. It offers an extensive range of child care from pre-birth to college years. It comprises a group of highly experienced and trained physicians, counselors, nurses, and nurse practitioners as well.

Additionally, they offer a variety of services to ensure the holistic and overall all-around development of kids. Thus, it is the one-stop destination for a healthier, brighter, and happier kid.

Why Choose Growing Child Pediatrics?

There are several reasons to persuade you to choose growing child pediatrics. Some of them are as follows:

  • A professional and well-trained team

Firstly, the team comprises highly experienced and enthusiastic nurses, physicians, practitioners, and counselors. Also, they strive to provide top-notch services to kids. Thus, work very hard to provide nothing less than 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Affordable

Secondly, unlike an ordinary clinic that charges a lot for every single visit, it is an affordable solution. Moreover, as you become a valuable part of the family, the charges lower exceptionally.

  • Variety of services

Thirdly, most of the time, you have to roam from clinic to clinic to get the benefits of their services. But, growing child pediatrics brier creek is a one-stop destination. Again, for a variety of child care services under a single roof.

Hence, growing child pediatrics Knightdale is the best in the town.

What are the varied services offered by Growing Child Pediatrics?

The growing child peds extends a variety of services. These services further range from: 

Pre-baby visits

Firstly, you are free to opt for a location at your convenience. Pre-schedule an appointment for a pre-baby visit. The experts at the clinic will take you on a tour around the clinic. Also, you may ask questions that are bothering you.

Lactation consultations

Secondly, when in doubt, consult the experts at the clinic. The experts offer quality counseling sessions for the lactation period. Thus, ensure to make it rewarding and also, nourishing for the baby.

Asthma or allergy clinic

Thirdly, the experts evaluate, educate, treat and provide one-to-one care for asthma or allergic concerns.

Psychological services

Fourthly, the experts at the pediatrician Clayton NC provide quality psychological services to kids. These services range from Psychological, instructive, consideration deficiency, and kindergarten preparation appraisal

  • Study hall perceptions and intercessions
  • Preparing studios for schools and local area offices
  • Social and passionate change
  • Social administration
  • Individual and gathering treatment
  • Parent and family advising
  • Social abilities preparing
  • Instructing for kids and young people with ADHD

Fastbraiin ADHD workshop

Fifthly, these workshops focus on kids with identified learning disabilities like ADHD or ADD. The workshops and the dedicated instructors assist and strive to make the kids stronger. Thereby, the sole aim is to build a brighter and more positive self-image for these kids.

Well visits

Also, children grow at a regular pace. Thus, the well-visits aim to provide a regular developmental inspection for the kids. Furthermore, to examine if the kid is growing at a normal pace or not. In such visits, a child’s height, weight, and head circumference are the key pillars. The examination of these aspects reveals a lot about kids.

Additionally, heart, sight, and spoken examinations are also available, to ensure normal development among children.

Same-day sick visits or emergency visits

This service by growing kids pediatrics ensures that urgent or emergency cases are the priority for their regular operative day routine.

As the experts understand that the illness has no fixed time. So, they also prepare in advance to look out for such emergency situations. Further, they aim to provide a quality service for such urgent cases.

What are the different serving locations of Growing Child Pediatrics?

The center is extending its top-notch services at varied locations, to ensure better coverage for kids, staff, and others. Some of their locations are as followed:

Firstly, North Raleigh

270 Horizon Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: (919) 845-0623

Fax: (919) 488-1716

Secondly, Zebulon

116 East Horton St.

Zebulon, NC 27616

Phone: (919) 269-2885

Fax: (919) 488-1718

Thirdly, Wake Forest

11130 Capital Blvd.

Wake Forest, NC 27587

Phone: (919) 488-4094

Fax: (919) 488-4096

Fourthly, Knightdale

1005 Big Oak Ct.

Knightdale, NC 27545

Phone: (919) 266-5669

Fax: (919) 488-1717

Next, Clayton

500 Gateway Dr.

Clayton, NC 27520

Phone: (919) 585-9001

Fax: (919) 488-1719

Also, Brier Creek

7990-110 Arco Corporate Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27617

Phone: (919) 544-5900

Fax: (919) 488-1455

Finally, Raleigh

260 Horizon Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: (919) 845-0623

Fax: (919) 488-1716 

These are the topmost locations near you. You may contact the experts at this location at any point in time. These are operative 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


This was all about GCP for now. This is the leading and renowned childcare service near you. Are you in doubt or need any assistance? While your kid is growing, look no further and head straight to GCP. Moreover, this is the best place to get ensured and promising childcare services. 

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