Grana Toys shop: Best Place for Buying Hot Wheels

I don’t think there is a single person on this earth who does not know about the hot wheels toys. Hot wheels toys are currently the most sold toys in the world. Hot wheels is a brand of die-cast toy cars introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. It has been 53 years of golden history of Hot Wheels. This article is about grana toys.

You can easily buy any hot wheels toys from super market and online stores but today I am going to tell you about one man who loved collecting it and then he opened his own store for hot wheels. 

Probably you don’t know this but there is a man who loves hot wheels and started collecting them for his children and later he opened a shop and an online website where you can buy those hot wheels toys, case of hot wheels and many other hot wheels 2021 character cars in very reasonable prices. 

So continue with us to find out who Grana toys are.

Grana Toys Shop: A brief introduction:

Grana toys started as a hobby of Mr. Darren who loves to collect the die-hard toys of Hot Wheels and matchbox. He started collecting these for his son in the year 2012. In the year 2012, Mr. Darren started to collect hot wheels, matchbox toys and found that he is actually loving it to collect those die-hard toys. 

In starting, his son Griffin was a just a baby when he started collecting it. He used to play with his son daughter who was elder than his son and thought of starting a company for the sale of collection hot wheels toys. 

Even Mr. Darren gave company a name combined of his son’s and daughter’s name that is ‘Grana toys’.

Grana toys shop is currently a lead in in die cast sale. Grana toys shop deals with the brands Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Greenlight. These three companies are leads in the sector of die cast sale. 

Grana toys works thorough its official website . I must say they have kept their website very simple and user friendly. All the important tabs you can find on their top only and all the information regarding your cart and wish list plus all info of the company Grana toys shop is available on the down tabs of the website. All you need is displayed over the screen and designed very well for showing to visitors. 

Top Hot Wheels 2021 character cars available at Grana Toys Shop:

1 . WWE Monster Trucks:

WWE Monster Trucks is my personal favorite of all time Hot Wheels toys. Even as an adult I love the concept design of this toy car. This toy shows strength and power and style at the same time. On the official website of Grana toys, this Hot Wheels toy car is available only at $ 4. 

2. Wolverine 2021 Hot Wheels Character Car:

As a Marvel fan, I am certainly in love with this toy car. This Granna toys hot wheels toy car is looks as badass as wolverine. THE most intentional modification in this car is the wolverine claw. These claws are placed in the front part of car. Hot Wheels has given this car same colors as wolverine. This is available only at $ 6.

3. Stromtrooper 202 Hot Wheels Star Wars Studio cars:

Let me confess, I really haven’t seen a single movie of Star Wars but this one Hot Wheels car has grabbed my attention too much. This car is white in color and it has minimal black color on its body and tires. This seems like a car from the future and that’s why it attracted me so much. This fantastic Hot Wheels toy car is available at Granite toys only at $ 4.

4. Iron Man 2021 Hot Wheels character car:

Iron Man, a hero for a whole generation. Who will not love a toy car of Hot Wheels designed as Iron Man. Like the awesome suit of Tony Stark, this car is also awesome in its look. It is fully painted as iron man armor, red and gold. This Iron Man toy car is available at $ 4 on the official website of Grana Toys.

5. He-Man 2021 Hot Wheels character car:

Remember He-Man, an old superhero who has won our childhood profoundly. Hot Wheels has launched a toy car dedicated to him. This car is totally painted in metallic yellow color and designed with silver color in various parts. This look gives this car an awesomeness and sense of strength. If you are in search of a good grana toys hot wheels, it can certainly fulfill your wish. This toy is available only at $ 3. 

Return Policy of Grana Toys:

It also gives you simple return policies. You can return the product within 14 days of delivery. One thing you need to care of that you must not open or break the factory seal. 

Grana Toys easily accepts the return request for broken, damaged or incorrect delivery.

Reviews about Grana Toys:

Grana Toys Shop is not only a good store for buying Hot Wheels and other toys but it is also a good place for relations and communication. The work culture at Grana Toys shop is great. Whether it is their customer or their co-worker, they always give a five star rating to Grana Toys. 

Nick T. who is a regular customer of Grana toys says, “I have been buying hot wheels from Darren at Grana toys for more than a year. Darren keeps his prices and shipping reasonable. If I have an issue or need something Darren is quick to respond. Keep up the good work.”


Steve Braver who is a co-worker at Grana Toys says, “I have been working with Grana over 2 years. Never had a problem. Always do the right thing and have been gone out to get me things that they did not carry. They are the best. 100% truthful and honest.

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