10 Best Goth Baby Clothes for Your Child 2023

Everyone wants their child to be special. Every parent treats their child as a princess or prince and wants to make them ahead of the world. Do you also want to give your child a special treat? Well, you can start that with one simple thing. Give your child a taste of Goth baby clothes. Generally, baby clothes come in various bright colors but Goth baby clothes follow the dark style of Goth.

In this article, I will share with you the best Goth baby clothes for your child. These clothes will give them a look of modern fashion. These baby Goth clothing will surely your child more adorable. 

Gothic baby clothing for boys & girls:

  • Goth in training goth baby clothes:

A Goth baby clothes in baby bodysuits. This Goth bodysuit is super cool. This is because it shows what is really coming. A child who will love the Goth style and will be obsessed with it. 

This bodysuit has a print of ‘Goth in Training’. The cloth is made of 100% cotton. It is super flexible. The bodysuit has three snap leg closures for easy changing. This Goth bodysuit is an example of coolness. You can buy it for just US $ 19.80. 

  • Little Pumpkin Baby West:

A full white baby bodysuit has a Halloween pumpkin on it. I personally loved it for its color grading. The orange pumpkin looks adorable. It acts as the point of attraction for everybody. This Goth baby outfit is very comfortable. It is fully made of 100% cotton. This baby bodysuit is available for US $ 17.00 only. A baby grows very fast. Lovest Gifts offers you this item in four different sizes. 

0-3 months.

3-6 months.

6-12 months

2-18 months. 

  • Skeleton flower Goth baby clothes:

Who does not like a flower? But what if a flower has a skull in it? It’s cool and amazing, believe me. This item of baby clothing also falls under the category of the bodysuit. This baby gothic clothing has seam construction on its side, double-needle ribbed on its shoulders, neck, sleeves, and leg opening. This gives it strength. 

This is 100 % cotton. You can wash it in a washing machine but don’t use bleach on it.

  • Black Bats Gothic baby girl clothes:

This baby frock is for your baby princess. But this will transform her from a princess to a queen. This dress is handmade. The seller has used 100 % cotton to make it. 

This is a little frock for a baby girl. It has 5 bats in white color. This dress is fully black and the bats are fully white. This dress really looks adorable when put on. Its price is only US $ 30.20.

  • Wednesday long sleeve girls’ dress:

This dress is a top-selling item in the queue. The black dress resembles a black nun. The dress is fully black. Its collar and handcuffs are white. This dress has full sleeves with it. It is fully handmade. 

The dress is fully made of cotton. You can find this dress for girls of up to 7 years also. 

This dress is also machine washable. But I would suggest you not use bleach on these Goth baby outfits. It is available at only US $ 33.08. 

  • Black coffin bats baby Bib:

This baby Bib is all infants. This looks beautiful and cool at the same time. These Goth baby clothes have an open coffin print on them. Some bats are flying around the coffin. There are also some stars here and there. 

This one Bib is fit for all sizes of infants. It is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton.  

Its price is very low and you can buy it without any worry about the budget. It is available only at US $ 12.00 on Etsy.

  • Baby Bonatical Skulls Onesie:

This baby Goth-styled dress is an example of creativity. This baby bodysuit has plants on it. But instead of flowers or fruits; this plant has skulls all over. The print really looks pretty cool. 

This dress is totally made up of cotton. It has an innovative three-snap closure. It makes changing very easy and it is 100 % cotton and also okay with machine wash.

Its price is US $ 15.99 only at the website www.etsy.com.

  • Horror  weapons Baby Bodysuit:

Have you ever seen a baby cloth with weapons on it? It’s unusual but it’s great. This dress has a design of a sword, an axe, a creepy balloon, and a hand on it. This item is cool and comfortable for your baby.

This cloth has 100 % cotton in its material. And you can also wash it in the washing machine. 

It is available on Etsy for only US $15.99. Buyers have given this item 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Tentacles in Victorian baby carriage Goth baby clothes:

These Goth baby clothes are available in a variety of colors. A carriage with tentacles is on the dress. The design looks super cool in a shabby color. This cloth is a work of combed ringspun cotton. This dress will also provide your child with a sense of comfort. 

It is okay to wash it in the washing machine. Well, it would be better if you didn’t use bleach and hot water. 

It is available only at US $ 14.93. 


The goth style will give your child a fresh modern look. Even you will be surprised to see your kid in this Goth baby style.

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