Glitter Force Toys: One of the Best Toys for Kids

Are you planning to gift your kids glitter force toys lately? Yes! Indeed, it is the best toy that is very popular these days. By luck, you are in the right place. Kids admire superheroes coming on big screens or small screens. Slowly and gradually these superheroes come in form of toys, bags, bottles, and whatnot. This is simply anything and everything used by kids. In one place it is the publicity of the show and along with it, this aims at selling more goods. In both ways, the sales speed up.

Glitter force was originally known as smile procure! The same aired back in the year 2012 in Japan as a TV series. In 2015, the same is now well-known as glitter force and was launched outside Japan. The licensing and trademark management for the anime is by Toei Animation. In addition, Hasbro owns every right to the English version of the glitter force.

So, if you are the one planning to buy these toys soon, stress not! We have curated every detail that you need to know beforehand.

What are Glitter Force Toys?

Glitter force toys are comic series-inspired toys and merchandise. It became quite popular after the TV series the glitter force. After the legendary hit of the original TV show smile pressure, the show came for an English dubbed variant for fans outside Asia as well.

The show which was originally a TV show later came in the form of film, novels, games, and glitter force merchandise too. This is the reason glitter toys are so popular among kids.

The glitter force dubbed version gained massive criticism from parents across the globe. The reason was the poor dubbing. A few regarded it as the worst dub of all time. 

What are the different glitter force toys?

The glitter force toys are mainly girl superheroes. It further covers in glitters. This is because of the amazing and exciting storyline of the show. Read on about its plot.

Märchenland is the vital place where all the fairies from the fairyland live happily. But, opposite this happy land is a bad end kingdom. It consists of all the antagonists of the fairies. They have gathered together to harm the fairies.

These antagonists traveled all way through the universe to earth. They want to show everyone their bad energy. The main concern is to conclude the worst ending for the happy land. It is obvious, what their success could mean. It will bring a terrible end to the worlds of the whole universe altogether.

To save the universe, the powerful 5 fairies collaborate to collect the cure décor. Thus, the cure décor is the happiness power for the Märchenland’s queen. But, here again, is a twist. The cure décor is already stolen by someone. Afterward, the cure décor is hiding somewhere.

So, the first task here is to find these pretty cures. Afterward, the cure décor. All this is in order to save the universe from the evil effects of the bad-end kingdom antagonists.

What are the different forms in which the glitter force pretty cures are available?

There are several ways in which the pretty cures are available in the real world to the fans. First of all, it came in the form of a TV series. Afterward, the novel, film, toys, merchandise, etc. were out for fans across the globe.

  • Firstly, the glitter force glitter pack is the best option to buy for kids. It is the ideal gifting option too.
  • Secondly, next to this merchandise list is the candy glitter force plush. This too is highly adored and loved by the kids.
  • Thirdly, the glitter force compact is also very popular. The 5 pretty cures have made these things more valuable than ever.
  • Fourthly, after the anticipated hit, glitter force Doki Doki toys become way more popular. It was after the successful release of the Doki Doki smile procure version of the TV series. In addition, glitter force action figures are also popular among kids.

These toys resemble the characters of 5 magical fairy girls. The ones who are striving to save their planet as well as the whole universe. You could find relevance to these toys only if you have watched the series yourself. If you haven’t yet watched it, here are the reasons to help you persuade the same. 

What are the reasons to watch?

There are several reasons that you should be watching the show right now if haven’t watched it yet. Some of them are as follows:

  • Full of fresh air

The show is completely different from the other competitor anime series. It is full of glitter and magical superpowers. Even Saban and Netflix have a lot of faith in the show. Thus, every time, you will witness the versions uploaded on these two platforms.

  • Fights scenes are physical

When other anime series are showing repetitions for the fight scenes, the glitter force is entirely different. It uses real-time fight scenes and there aren’t any repetitions of the scenes. Thus, you tend to enjoy the series to the core.

  • Songs are great

Fourthly, the songs in the anime series are entirely different than the usual ones. The songs aren’t at all flat and dull. Instead, these are potential enough to hold a cast spell on the viewers. The opening and closing of the anime series are a great start and end to the potential spell-bound series.

  • Well-animated

Fifthly, the show is very well animated. This is another significant reason for the popularity of glitter force toys in the market. Right after the show hit the screens, the merchandise got a special place in kids’ hearts and finally in the toys collection.


This was all about glitter force toys for now. If your kid or you yourself is a fan of the cute magical fairy girls, don’t waste time and head to the online stores. You have all the right to own these super glittery and adorable toys in your toys collection. In addition, these are the best gifting option too.

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