Enjoy Your Day with Finger Twister Game

The present covid scenario is affecting everybody very badly. Kids are facing a lot of problems. They cannot go to school and definitely will be missing their friends too. Parents are finding it too difficult to engage their kids. Even they can’t take them outside because of the crisis. So here there is an indoor game to engage your kids. The finger twister game will surely make your kids happy. It can also reduce boredom to an extent.

Simply download your finger twister app from Google play. You can also make the homemade finger paper game easily. This game is extremely fun and also will develop hand and eye coordination in your kids. So what are you waiting for go and get your finger twister game soon.

  How to play the game

  • Children above six years can play this game
  • Start the game by spinning both spinners
  • The finger spinner helps the player choose the finger in the finger twister game
  • The square spinner with color indicates which color players should put their fingers on.
  • . For example, if the spinners ground on “thumb” and “red,” the player should place the thumb finger on a red square
  •  Players are not made up to lift their fingers between turns.
  • The player has to keep their fingers down for the longest wins.

Adults version of the finger twister game

  • Adults are also in the mood to play in this boring situation
  • The strip twist game is the adult version of the same
  • The rules of the game are almost the same as of finger twister game
  • However, there are some additional rules which make the game fun and safe for everyone
  • The players can make the game a party game that includes a set of men and women
  •  The strip twist game can also be in the form of a couple of games.

About the group game

  • Usually while playing in a group there will be drinking
  • A set of rules specifies that they should not start the game unless the players are somewhat tipsy
  • The game may last long if it starts earlier
  • It will be difficult to maintain the balance of the players if they drink more
  • According to the preference of the group, They can make a group of just one sex or mixed group
  • The person who is not playing in that particular round got the right to spin the spinner and call the colors.
  • The person who has the cloth still on him is the winner of the game

About couple game

  • In this game, one of the couples should be a permanent spinner
  • According to the preferences of the couple, they can adjust the game rules           
  • The winner will be the person who has still clothes on his body

Method of playing and strip twister rules

  • There are some methods and rules to play this game
  • Firstly the game requires a large mat with circles of different colors on it
  • Next, the game needs a spinner to spin 
  • The rules are the same as that of the traditional ones
  • Now the mat is on the floor facing up the circles with the color
  • Then players should remove the shoes and stand on the mat
  • The in-charge person spins the spinner and calls out the body part and the color 
  • At the beginning of the game, all the players should wear the same number of clothes.
  • The players should remove one piece of clothing when the spinner lands on red
  • After removing clothes players should keep  back their hand or foot to the same spot
  • If the elbow or knee touches the mat or if the player fails, he or she is out of the game
  • Make sure that the player lifts only one hand or foot at a time.
  • Wearing extra cloth is punishable
  • Removing two pairs of cloth is the penalty. This includes extra cloth also
  • If  a player is wearing fewer clothes than the other player’s penalty is not applicable
  • The criteria to determine the winner is the same as that of the finger twister game   

Tips to Remember

  • Make sure that you have clean underwear while going to strip twister
  • The players should confirm whether the jewelry counts as items of clothing
  • Make sure that all the players are accepting adults.
  • If the couples decide to play even after removing all clothes, then decide earlier how you will wind up the game

All about finger twister printable

  • It is not necessary to pay money for these twister boards.
  • If you have some patience you can make it very easily.
  • What you need is just the images of the twist board, spinner, cardboard, chipboard glue, and finally a thumbtack.
  • Just save those twister board images on your computer
  • On a regular size, paper prints them out. You will get it in a 5*5-6*6in squares
  • The spinner can be made using cardboard or anything you think of
  • Cut out your boards and fix them onto your chipboard
  • Make sure to spray the glue on the chipboard before fixing
  • Trim up all the edges and pin on your spinner
  • Make sure to keep your thumbtack properly 
  • So now everything is set for playing the finger twister game.

The finger cutter game

  • This is an exciting version of the finger twister game.
  • In this game, the player has to keep the fingers in the circle
  • Take off your fingers  as soon as possible when the blade drops
  • The game checks how quick and predictable you are
  • Enjoying fear by playing with falling blade, cutter, and saw is the goal of the game
  • The person who survives more is the winner of the finger cutter game.

 Summing up

These games will be a bit relaxing for kids as well as adults. So try to play these games and reduce your tensions and comfort yourself.

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