Development Arch for Kids

Developing balance, strengthening your body, and doing all this on your own is a real success for a child. All a parent needs to do is to insure their child. Special arches help not only in development, but also instill an aesthetic view of how a small sports kids’ corner should look like. Arches can help to firmly grasp hands and feet, cling, and develop motor skills.

Sport Arch Complex

The wooden arch is a special convex bridge with various rungs, similar to a ladder. Children can use such an arch in completely different ways. They can make a sports complex out of it, or build a whole tunnel under which it will be fun and easy for a child to crawl. The bridge can also be combined with other furniture of the same type: for example, with balance boards, picklers, and developing triangles. What can a child do with such a child’s corner?

  • climb;
  • crawl;
  • lie and look;
  • run;
  • play sports.

The Montessori arch brings pleasure and pleasant sensations, even if you just touch it and study it with your eyes. This is an excellent development of fine and gross motor skills of the child. Also, as part of the children’s play complex, flat feet are prevented. This is smart furniture that acts as a foot massager.

What is the furniture made from

Children’s furniture is made of natural environmentally friendly materials. It is not plastic, not glass, or any other unhealthy design. The arch is made of high-quality elements that do not contain synthetics. The shape of the furniture is processed in a special way; it is very durable and not slippery at all. Parts of the product are carefully polished. The arch does not cause any allergic reactions, and it also does not emit harmful substances, so the child can even touch it with the tongue and taste it. Parents should not worry about the health of their children while playing with the arch.

A developing arch is an indispensable tool for parents who have small children. Climbing on the arch will be interesting for children up to 6-7 years old. The development of movements, dexterity, strengthening a strong grip, and adapting to quick reactions – all these are skills that a baby will learn. In addition, the furniture is an excellent simulator and massager for small legs. Furniture can withstand up to 5-6 kilograms, so you should not worry about the stability of the structure. The arch can withstand 4 children at once, even if everyone hangs or jumps on it.

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