Best Cool Gear Water Bottle for Your Kids 2022

New Year always gives something better to our lives. Except for the Covid-19 stuff. Well, no need to say manufacturers always bring new modern and stylish products for their customers. 2022 has come and it has also brought some great stuff for you. Today I want to share with you about the cool gear water bottle. These bottles are in trend in current times. They are stylish and can make your look more stylish and in some cases, they can give you some shades of maturity in your attire. 

So without any further delay let’s start the blog.

What is a Cool Gear Water Bottle?

Cool Gear is a product manufacturing company that manufactures plastic bottles. Since the year 2000, cool gear has been releasing stylish, modern bottles. These bottles also have a cool gear freezer stick and filters inside of them. The company has its headquarters in a very beautiful place, Plymouth, M.A. Here you can see the beauty of the ocean and rest beside the beaches. 

Cool gear bottles are famous for their unique design. Cool gear focuses on everything that can transform a simple water bottle into a classy, modern, safe, and durable one. Below is the list of cool gear water bottles that you can buy for your family. 

5 best cool gear water bottles for you:

1. Ounce Eclipse Stainless Steel Tumbler: 

The ounce eclipse tumbler is one of the best products on the list of Cool Gear water bottles. This water bottle comes in very light colors, mostly in aqua blue a deep blue in high contrast. The bottle will also have a very charming color on the top as its cover. 

The company has pulled up slippers to open the bottle. It is straightforward to carry and especially children will love it. 

It is straightforward to clean. However, you must wash it by hand only. Its double-wall vacuum keeps the inside water cool for a longer time. For approx. 20 hours, it can keep the temperature almost the same. 

It is available for $22 for a pack of 2 bottles on the official website of Cool Gear. 

2. Cool Near Niagara 25OZ Stainless Steel Bottles:

These are the best bottles for your offices and workplaces. It has solid colors on its body. The bottles come in four major colors; black, teal, chocolate, and blue. The bottle’s attire is modern and stylish, adding fashion to your persona.

This Niagara bottle has a locking lid function. This Locking lid button keeps your bottle closed. You need to push the button to open up the bottle. This cool gear water bottle can hold the coolness of water for up to 48 hours. 

While using this bottle, you must use some safety protocols. 

– Wash with your bare hands only.

– Wash before using it.

– Do not put hot liquid inside of it. 

– Do not microwave this bottle.

Customers love this bottle for its durability, easy usage, attractive look, and efficiency. This is available only for $28 for a pack of 2 bottles. 

3. Cool Gear 64 OZ Sports Water Bottle: 

Cool Gear has a variety of bottles but this one is just amazing. Its large size can easily hold up to 8 glasses of water. From work to the gym, you can easily take it anywhere anytime. It comes in many attractive colors. This water bottle offers you a finger pull-up on the flip-up sipper. A handle makes it easy to carry the bottle. 

This cool gear water bottle with freezer stick. Now you would never have to worry about the coolness of the water. The freezer stick can easily hold cool water for an extremely long time. 

This bottle is reusable and BPA-free. It is extremely easy to handle, easy to use, and durable. 

This product is available in many colors. So you can buy this as per your taste. Visit the official website of Cool Gear to buy it. The product is available only for $19. 

4. Cool Gear 80 OZ Water Bottle:

What about a bottle that can hold up to 2 liters of water? Cool Gear has the best you can ever imagine. A big bottle with a freezer stick to keep your water cool for an extremely long time. 

The bottle has a mediocre design but offers you a great grip because of its handle. The water bottle has a finger push cap to open it.  

This bottle also comes in a variety of colors and you can choose any one of them as per your taste. The cap of this bottle is dual-threaded means you will face no difficulty using it from any direction. It also offers you durability. 

While using this bottle, you need to keep some safety protocols. 

– Use only hand wash to keep it clean.

– Wash before using it.

– Do not use it for hot liquids. 

You can buy this bottle for $30 from the official website of Cool Gear. 

5. Cool Gear Calisto Clear Chiller Water Bottle: 

Want to be more fun? Here is Cool Gear tumbler water bottle for a fun trip. These water bottles are in a pack of four bottles. The bottle comes in various colors and has a straw in it. 

It also has an eco-friendly Freeze chiller with it. 

This cool tumbler offers you a removable band and reusable straw. Cool gear is aware of your safety. The straw is non-toxic and reusable. It also has double-wall BPA-free plastic material in it. 

It is easy to use and clean. However, you must wash it only with your hands. You can also add ice to this to enjoy cooler water or juices.

This bottle is available only for $28 on the official website of Cool Gear. 

Other than water bottles, Cool Gear manufactures coffee bottles and stylish tiffin boxes. They all come in a pack of one or two for not more than $30. 

Final Thoughts: 

Cool Gear Water bottles are eco-friendly, easy to use and handle, and super stylish. It is also easy to know the cool gear water bottle with freezer stick and how to use it. While using water bottles, we must take care of the quality and efficiency of bottles. We also need to keep hygiene in these corona times. 

Cool Gear water bottles target at the top due to their quality and user-friendly functions.

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