What Kind of Cheese Does Chipotle Use? [2023]

Are you pondering over chipotle cheese lately? Yes! Then you are in luck and in the absolute right place. There are several restaurants that present their customers with exquisite dishes, especially the ones made from cheese. You must have tried and tested an extensive range of such restaurants in your locality as well. 

But, what we have curated for you here is the revolutionary restaurant. It isn’t merely a restaurant serving cheesy, mouth-watering recipes. But, they are on a mission. The mission is to be as real and fresh as possible. Do you have any clues? Yes! We are talking about the very popular chipotle. 

If you have never visited o tasted their food before, it is high time now. In persuasion, we have curated details regarding what cheese does chipotle use, why are they different than regular restaurants, and other details, to help you persuade at the earliest. 

What is Chipotle Cheese?

Chipotle is a restaurant that is popular for serving fine quality food, and food materials, especially their cheese. The restaurant’s sole ethos of working is to raise, prepare, and thus, provide their customers with nothing less than the best quality food. In persuasion, the food tastes completely different from the rest of their competitors. 

Their sole ethos of raising and preparing food materials is their belief for real. Real food is good not only for the consumers but, also for the planet. The professionals admit that their practices are different and hard. But, at last, it is the best and the most appropriate way. 

Why is Chipotle Cheese so popular?

Chipotle cheese is popular for being fresh and one-of-a-kind. They believe in making fresh quality food every time. The professional at Chipotle are highly experienced and trained passionate enthusiasts. They strive to prepare every meal at the moment. They never indulge in using any sort of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. In addition, they also, never indulge in using freezers, can openers, or shortcuts for that matter. 

Thus, it is the first and only kind of national brand. They commit to supporting local and organic produce all the time. In addition, they are the only place that dedicates its service to offering only responsible raised meat. In persuasion, the same meats are raised under the highest levels of stringent animal welfare standards. Thus, for the professionals at Chipotle being real is the meaning of commitment. 

Additionally, the professionals are passionate and dedicate their services to diverting waste from landfills during 2020. In 2018, their used plastic gloves were recycled into plastic bags. Furthermore, these plastic bags are being used by these professionals at 43 percent of the varied restaurants only. This is their dedication and environmental-friendly approach. 

What cheese does Chipotle use?

Afterward, the most prominent question pondering in your mind might be what cheese does chipotle uses. Right! Don’t despair! We have curated every single answer for you. The answer is that they use a blend of Monterey Jack and White Cheddar cheese in most of their popular recipes. It includes Burrito and others. 

Now, we hope that you know what type of cheese does chipotle uses for sure. 

What are the different ingredients at Chipotle?

Once you know what kind of shredded cheese does chipotle uses. It is a pre-shredded mixture of blended Monterey Jack and Cheddar. Now, is the time to get to know the extensive range of fresh and organic ingredients used in their recipes. 

  • Hass avocados in chipotle guacamole – chipotle Mexican grill
  • Baby kale used in lettuce blend – chipotle Mexican grill
  • Baby spinach used in lettuce blend – chipotle Mexican grill
  • Bay leaf – chipotle seasoning – chipotle Mexican grill
  • Steak & barbacoa – responsibly raised beef – chipotle
  • Bell peppers for fajita veggies – chipotle Mexican grill
  • Black pepper (peppercorn) – chipotle Mexican grill

Frequently asked questions

Is Chipotle cheese vegetarian?

In case, you are a die-heart vegan then there are a few things you need to avoid at Chipotle. Are you wondering what are those food items? Don’t stress! We have a detailed explanation of the food items. Furthermore, you should be avoiding Chipotle in case, you are a vegan. 

These items include meat, pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, and also, vinaigrette. This is due to the reason that the latter contains honey, as told by the experts. But, tortillas, guacamole, and salsas are a few must-haves for you which are vegan in every sense. 

What does the cheese at Chipotle taste like?

The Queso Blanco at Chipotle is everything that the older Queso was missing all this while. The preset Queso is flavorful and smooth whereas, the older one was grainy and also, a bit flat. The present Queso is filled in with poblanos, serranos, and chipotle peppers. This furthermore, makes it even warmer without even numbing your tongue. Additionally, you are likely to witness the amazing taste of the Flavors of garlic and onion. While you indulge in every single bit of current Queso. 

What exactly do they use for Qdoba?

Qdoba Queso is another popular at Chipotle. This leaves every single guesswork out of the picture. While tasting keep your senses engaged to witness the perfect combination of an array of items. These further include Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and American cheeses. Last but, not least the roasted Poblanos and the finely chopped tomatoes take the flavors to a distant level altogether. 

In addition, if you are wondering what cheese do they use at chipotle, you have probably skipped the above sections. Go on read it and come to know everything about their varied chipotle cheese types in an instant. 

What exactly is the white cheese at Chipotle?

Cheddar cheese is sweet, tangy, and earthy at the same time. In addition, its flavors intensify as it ages. This is the sole reason that the professionals at Chipotle use none other than the intensified and sharpened aged cheddar cheese in Queso Blanco. 


Now you know what kind of cheese chipotle uses. So, this isn’t anything ordinary or regular cheesy recipe that you have tasted before. Prepare yourself in advance because what you are about to taste at Chipotle is nothing less than the freshest. Also, the most exquisite of recipes. Taste real and authenticated and the freshest meals with Chipotle. 

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