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In this era of the technology 7 fast forwarding world, it is nearly impossible to take care of a child with full focus. However many parents take the responsibility for their child on their shoulders. But many prefer a substitute for them. These parents mostly decide to hire a babysitter for the child or they send their child to a child care center like Children’s Learning Adventure. 

Well, I don’t need to say much about how helpful these centers can be. You can trust these centers as they are experts in the field. They help you with their services. But there is also a risk factor attached to this. Often there are times when these childcare centers have become dangerous places for children. 

There are lots of complaints lodged in police stations against these centers for racism, violence, and extra. 

Today I am going to tell you about Children Learning Adventure Child Care Centers and will discuss their trustworthiness.

What is Children’s Learning Adventure? 

Children’s learning adventure is a child care center with its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was established in the year 2007. As the company claims, it is a high-quality infant, preschool, and after-school childcare center. This child care center works on a special model. This model is the STEAM model of study. 

Their main focus is to develop children’s brains as per today’s requirements. Their programs focus on the overall creative and problem-solving attitude of the children. Child Learning Adventure provides the best in-hand activities to children. These activities include games, a creative model of studies, team activities, and a good environment for children. 

Currently, their yearly revenue is $ 600 million. More than 5000 people work at the Children’s Learning Adventure child care centers. They have more than 40 children’s adventure daycare centers in 11 states of the USA. Also, their website has a great number of visitors. 

Services of the Children’s Learning Adventure: 

Child learning Adventure is becoming more popular day by day. The reason is its systematic programs. These programs are for the comfort of children and teachers as well. The programs allow the same age group of children to learn together. 

Child care provides you 8 different types of programs for your child: 

  • Infant Program:

Infant programs are for children of age groups between 6 weeks to 12 months. This time of a child is very crucial for babies and their parents too. Babies need full-time care and special attention during this age period. At this age, babies develop a sense of emotional & learning ability. 

Children’s learning adventure provides a baby its care. They give individual routines that include physical, emotional, and health development. 

  • Toddler Program:

The toddler program is for children of age 1-2 years. These years are important in a child’s life for learning the social interaction around them. At this time a child starts showing his inner self through his art & his actions. 

The program Toddler gives children their own space to discover their talents. This toddler program also includes the creative learning pattern for children in the subjects of English, Mathematics, and social science.  

  • Preschool Program:

The Preschool program is for children of age groups 2-3 years. Here the adventure daycare focuses on the overall growth of the child. In this program, children learn the subjects through repetition & practice. Student gets an education the traditional science, technology, arts, and mathematics. 

  • Pre-Kindergarten Program:

Your child is big now. He/ she is now 4 years old. Now he/she needs a better quality of education. That’s why our pre-kindergarten program focuses on the classroom environment. It helps children to learn pre-Kindergarten level science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. Also, we have smart boards & tablets to teach them more accurately & effectively. 

  • Advance Pre-K & Kindergarten: 

For children 5-6 years ago, we have our advanced pre-K and Kindergarten programs. Pre-k is for 5 years old and kindergarten is for 6 years, old kids. In this program, we prepare children for the higher classes. This program is for those children who are not ready for higher classes’ studies. We teach them and educate them well enough so they can go further without any worry. 

  • After School: 

After school program is a bridge program for us. The early elementary school needs some intelligence, self-confidence, and skills. At this time, we care for the free thoughts of a child and his/ her growth with the right mixture of personalities. In this program, we help children with their homework and games, and social activities. 

  • School Breaks & Summer camps: 

School breaks are very important for each child. And as a parent, you must use those wisely. Children’s learning academy organizes summer camps that follow STEAM activities. 

  • Online Learning Support:

After the pandemic, it is tough to attend each & every place. Especially when it comes to children, we are caring for their health. So we have started our online programs for children at home. 

Final thoughts:

Children’s learning adventure has many programs and services to give you. They are having a team of 5000 employees. All of these are experienced experts in the field of child care. The organization has been running since 2007. In all these years the organization has built up its image as a trustworthy and reliable group of people. 

In a quick eye survey, children’s learning adventure seems a great place for children. But when you read the articles and reviews about this place, there are some catches. 

People have given it a very mixed set of reviews. Some people loved this place. Also, there are people in bundles who dislike and even hate this place. People have raised issues like racism, violence, bad treatment, careless behavior, and no action culture against the culprits. 

So what to do when you hear all these kinds of reviews for any organization? My suggestion to you is to check all these parameters by yourself only.

  • Check the license of the organization. 
  • Meet the director or be in charge by yourself. 
  • Clear all the doubts about wages. 
  • Check for all proper equipment of the organization. 
  • If possible check for demo classes. 

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