Can kids drink ensure?- All you need to know!

Do most parents face confusion about an ideal drink for their kids? Can kids drink, ensure? If you are skeptical about this thing, the below article can help you get all the answers. For this, let’s start by knowing about ensure, its benefits and is it advisable for the kids or not.

Can kids drink ensure, and What is it?

Ensure the milk-based nutrition shake offers additional nutrients and calorie requirements to the people who need a booster energy dose. It is ideal for older adults who have recently faced surgery and need efficient digestive fats for weight loss. It acts as a full meal for adults while works as an excellent supplement for children who have a lower appetite.

Is ensure good for a child?

Ensure is a drink for people who need additional calories, and most kids do not fall into this category. Unless your doctor advises, you should not introduce it to the children. However, it can work as a great supplemental meal for kids who have a poor appetite. Energy drinks like Ensure provide many minerals, proteins, and vitamins that might not be safe for tiny kids. 

Hence, you should give them nutritious food that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

One bottle of Ensure drink includes 50% Vitamin C, 30% Vitamin E and 25% Vitamin A. It can release nutrients such as niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin. Other nutrients in it are Vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, choline, phosphorous, and Vitamin B 12. In comparison to adults, the amount of nutrients a child needs is comparatively lesser.

If your child has recently faced any illness and lost weight due to it, such drinks can be energy boosters. Check out with your pediatrician if this is a safe meal replacement or not. Is ensure good for a child or not depends on their physical and nutritional requirements for the same. You need to calculate the calorie count for each serving of Ensure drink. In terms of formulation, Pediasure can be a better option for children.

Can a 15-year-old drink Ensure?

Are you thinking about the safe age for kids to consume Ensure energy drink? Ensure is a dedicated nutritional drink for adults. However, there are no specific guidelines related to age, and therefore parents stay confused on can kids drink Ensure?

Nutritional requirements of the adult vary from those of the children. Hence, the formulation of energy drinks for them also differs distinctly. Ensure has the formulation for adults, while Pediasure is a perfect energy drink for kids aged 13 years.  

Does the query remain that can a 15-year-old drink Ensure? Adults can get a healthy weight, muscle gain, high energy, and good health with this supplemental drink. Children need a higher rate of nourishment in terms of weight and height growth. Hence, even a child of 15 years can drink Ensure but in limited proportions, if the doctor suggests.

How is pediasure for kids?

We all know that kids are very fussy when eating meals and managing the proper dose of vitamins, carbs, minerals, fats, and proteins in their meals. And it helps them in recovering from common kids issues like flu, cold, or fever. Pediatricians recommend three glasses of milk with Pediasure for the healthy growth of kids. It helps them in improving the immunity level, and they also fall lesser ill. 

Pediasure for kids can be a power food as it consists of the right amounts of zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, copper, selenium, and chromium.

Consuming these nutrients in the right amounts can help in proper child development and growth. It is recommendable for kids from 2-10 years of age. This energy drink is also high in omega-3 fatty acids as it improves your gut by releasing good bacteria. 

Such prebiotics is also helpful in improving appetite and digestion. Carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables are necessary for the child’s growth. And adding pediasure for kids in diet can accelerate their growth rate. There are tempting flavors like chocolate and vanilla are available for these drinks.

Ensure Vs. Pediasure- Which is better?

Can kids drink, ensure? Is it better to give pediasure? The ultimate confusion keeps parents worrying about the ideal choice from both of them. Height increase, weight gain, and better immunity are the core reasons for introducing energy drinks to your kid’s diet. The market these days has so many options for drinks that it is confusing to select the best one. You need to thoroughly read the energy drinks label and know about the contents in the pack. Consulting your doctor can also help you in solving the confusion.

When you decide between Ensure Vs pediasure, remember that both of them get prepared by only one company. But they target providing nutritional benefits to a distinct set of people. Pediasure is a health drink for kids, while Ensure helps adults in overcoming severe illness or sickness. However, the primary intention of both drinks is to impart additional nutrition to the regular diet.

Pediasure: It is for the kids who wish to get good growth, development, calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients that are a part of the daily meal.

Ensure: This energy drink is for the fragile and weak adults on low energy levels due to some sickness or ailment. Its nutrition count is what makes it different from pediasure.

The calorie value of both Ensure and Pediasure is almost the same.

Pediasure Warnings

Although pediasure is a safer choice for children of various age groups, it comes with side effects and warnings.

Probable Pediasure warnings are as follows:

· It contains sugar content including corn syrup, plain sugar, high glycemin index ad corn maltodextrin. This might lead to dental aches and weight gain in kids.

· There are also specific gastrointestinal issues associated with pediasure and noticeable in kids. Elements like soy protein and fiber can cause constipation, nausea, or bloating problems. Children having a high intake of fibers might face such issues.

· Children find it easy to gulp over the pediasure milk, and this beverage might keep them fuller for a longer time. If they consume it in excess, it might take over their meals due to good taste. Hence, do not increase its consumption without taking the doctor’s advice. Above all, the inclusion of artificial flavors can be a concern for many kids. Can kids drink, ensure?

What age to start to ensure?

Can kids drink ensure query can end with the fact that kids can drink this supplemental drink but only after your pediatrician gives it a green flag? And there is no age bar to start drinking ensure as well. Pediasure is the right choice for the kids till 13 years of age. After that, you can consult the doctors and start offering to ensure drink for children. This drink can give them nourishment to avail themselves of the right weight and height for the correct growth rate.

So, what age to start to ensure? After 13 years of age, you can introduce ensure and ask your children to consume at least one glass of ensuring mixed milk daily. It can fulfill a large portion of your kids’ nutritional requirements and keep them healthy always. This ends the confusion on can kids drink, ensure for sure!

But before making any move and referring to general recommendations, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician for the same!

Also, you must be aware that there are other choices for kids’ nutrition like these baby pouches from Serenity Kids.

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