Best Longboard for Kids in 2023

Longboard for kids is a favourite among children of all ages, regardless of age. Your children’s physical development will benefit from this exercise and your own. Longboarding is an enjoyable exercise that helps kids keep active and avoid using electronic devices for lengthy periods. That being said, it is predicated on you purchasing the appropriate longboards for kids. Skating is difficult to learn if you offer them a difficult skate to control and manoeuvre. Here we will discuss the best longboards for kids.

Buying guides for the best longboard for kids:

Following are buying guides for the best longboards for kids.

Decking Materials:

Choosing a longboard’s deck material is one of the most critical aspects of its performance. Plastic, maple, and bamboo are the most common materials used to build the board. As you might expect, plastic longboards are the most fragile and are quickly bent with only a little force on the surface. If you’re new to skating, plastic decks aren’t the greatest choice because they don’t offer much suspension or stability.


When looking for a kids longboard, it’s understandable that the typical requirements may differ from those for adults. Size is also an important consideration, as a child will have difficulty doing tricks on a longboard significantly larger than their frame. The length of an average Longboard for kids is typically between 40 and 45 feet.


The quality of the bearings has a significant impact on the trucks’ smoothness and stability. The ABEC rating of the wheels can be used to measure the wheel’s durability and efficiency. With an ABEC rating of more than one, the bearing will often perform better than one with less. It is why you should properly examine these numbers before making a purchase.

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Best longboard for kids:

Volador Maple Longboard:

The Splendour 42-inch Drop Longboard Skateboard is our favourite because of its exceptional stability and comfort. PU wheels measuring 70 x 51 mm, rock finish, and shock-absorbing PU ring contribute to this advantage. This design is more comfortable to ride on because of its efficient cushioning. It’s adaptable with a wide turning radius, fast downhills, and freestyle riding in mind.


  • Stability is ensured by the use of a PU shock-absorbing ring
  • Bearings made of chromium steel for high-speed applications
  • Trucks made of aluminum


  • Expensive

HOME Longboard Skateboard:

Second place goes to the home pro-small longboard, which is 31 inches long. Because of its ergonomic design, this item has a wide range of uses. In addition to the high-end OS780 grip tape and the highly precise chrome steel Abec-9 speed bearings, there is also plenty of traction to keep things stable. With this longboard, your youngster will be able to enjoy more steady rides than many other boards can provide.


  • Due to its tiny and ergonomic design, the device is extremely versatile.
  • Stability is ensured with chrome steel bearings and premium grip tape.
  • Bushings have a strong rebound for rapid response at high speeds


  • Wheel and bushing bearings are too tight for vehicles.

Junli Freeride Skateboard Longboard:

For a starting board, the deck’s width is excellent. Aluminum alloy is the material of choice for the 7-inch trucks shown here. You get a free tool to tune your vehicles with the board. The top of the deck is brushed black to hold the foot in place while playing. These things in place assure a smooth and enjoyable ride for novices. Skaters new to the sport and less interested in tricks will find this board a wonderful introduction to the sport.


  • A T-tool is included as a bonus.
  • In a variety of hues
  • A large deck with a high weight limit


  • Upgrading the trucks and wheels is required for a more enjoyable ride.

PlayStation Drop through Freestyle Skateboard:

The PlayStation Drop through Freestyle is an additional item worth mentioning. Its ability to handle up to 250 lbs. sets it apart from other alternatives. The board’s 39 x 9.1-inch drop and an eight-ply natural maple deck give it this strength and flexibility. Also included is a concave centre, which helps skaters keep their feet attached to the surface and make turns easier. The 70 x 51 mm PU wheels and Abec-9 bearings on this longboard skateboard for kids provide a smooth ride.


  • A slight concavity provides security when turning.
  • Aluminum trucks with 7-inch rims
  • The ability to change the way you ride


  • The act of making some sound

What size longboard for kids?

The Landyachtz Dinghy is a skateboard with a length of only 28 inches and a width of only 8 inches and is meant to assist you in going from point A to point B fast, to be easy to carry around and easy to store. Its dimensions are 28 inches in length and 8 inches in width. Because of this, fortunately, it is also an ideal longboard for younger children. With the help of the above line, you will be able to know what size longboard for kids?

What is a good size longboard for kids?

What is a good size longboard for kids? Longboards for kids with wheelbases ranging from 32 inches to 42 inches are the most common and are the ones that are most commonly advised to beginners of any size. These boards, which have lengths that fall somewhere in the middle of short and long, are just the appropriate size for practically every application.


Choose one of the kids’ longboard and beginners listed above. To assist you pick the appropriate board for your young rider, we’ve done an extensive study on each board. We sincerely hope you choose one of these. So, Please check our other reviews of longboards and skateboards for kids if you’d like to see additional reviews of the finest longboards for beginners. You should start with a 38 to 44-inch drop-down cruiser for your youngster if they are beginning to ride. Buying a random one is not an option.


Which Longboard is Right for a 10-year-old?

In the case of a 10-year-old, the Leeyo longboard skateboard, which is 41 inches in length, is a great choice.

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