Barney Imagination Island: Your Childhood Memory

America’s purple dinosaur, Barney first appeared in the year 1992. The series Barney was first released on PBS on 6th April 1992. This whole show is about a dinosaur that is technically a tyrannosaurus. The lead character plays with children and sings. This article is about barney imagination island.

Writers made the whole show with the motive of conveying educational messages to children through singing, dancing, and acting. 

The show instantly gains popularity among Americans. People loved it, especially children. This show came in the year 2010. Induration of 20 years, Barney came into many movies. 

  • Barney in concert
  • Imagination Island Barney
  • Barney lives in the New York City
  • Great Adventure of Barney
  • Big surprise Barney
  • Barney: let’s go to the zoo
  • Musical Castle: Barney
  • Barney colorful world

In this blog, we are going to discuss the Barney imagination island movie. 

Barney Imagination Island:

This was Barney’s second movie. The movie came in the year 1994. NBC released it on April 24th while VHS released the movie on October 4th. Stephen White wrote the story of the movie. Jim Rowley was the director of Barney’s imagination island VHS. 

Story of Barney Imagination Island:

The first half of the movie: 

Min and Tosha are going to sleep. The mother of Tosha reads them a tale of bedtime with a Barney imagination island book. This story was about a magical location called “Imagination Island”. Well, somehow she was not able to complete the tale. 

Soon after that Barney gains life. He suggests the two children that could cross have a journey to Imagination Island. All they need to do is to use their imaginations. 

With that, Barney mystically takes them on deck aboard a big delivery destined for Imagination Island. Along the way, they join up with Shawn, Derek, Baby Bop, and BJ. Soon a large typhoon came with a big tidal wave. It knocked the boat and took it to a few palm bushes on the island.

While Baby Bop and BJ were on the ship, Barney and the two children discover the island. After trekking via the island’s jungle, they finally discover a tropical residence. There they meet Professor Tinkerputt. He is a toy inventor. Sadly he does not want to share his creations with others. He explains to the institution that he moved to Imagination Island to be on his own together along with his toys.

Second Half of the movie: 

The professor indicates to them about his new toy. His new balloon maker was not working nicely. Soon Tosha realizes that her heart-fashioned locket is the important thing to make the system work. She offers the professor her locket. Through the process, Barney enables him to recognize that sharing with others makes human beings satisfied. 

By, in the end, the professor realizes that making different human beings satisfied makes him satisfied too. Now Tinkerputt also wanted to leave the island. After a second of thinking, Tinkerputt receives an idea. He told them about his new toy. He told that they can fly again with an assist from his balloon system.

The institution returns to the ship. Tinkerputt inflates many balloons to connect to it. Tinkerputt takes manage of the boat and starts flying. The ship flies as much as the sky. Baby bop and BJ go back home, and Barney reminds the children of the significance of home.

Later, the ship reaches returned home, and Barney and the children leave. With Tosha and Min falling asleep, the boat sails off into the nighttime sky with the professor heading to construct a brand new toy factory.

Barney Cast & Crew:

  • Barney: Bob west as a voice artist and David Joyner in costume. 
  • Baby Bop: Julie Johnson as a voice artist and Jeff Ayers in costume.
  • BJ: Jeff Brooks in costume and Patty Writs as a voice artist. 
  • Tosha: Hope Cervantes
  • Min: Pia Manalo
  • Shawn: John David Bannett II
  • Derek: Rickey Carter
  • Tosha’s mother: J.D. Mosley
  • Tosha’s father: David J. Courtney (has a cameo in the movie)
  • Professor Tinkerputt: Barry Pearl
  • Parrot Puppeteer: Ray Henry

Barney Imagination island songs:

  • Just Imagine
  • That’s what an island is
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Tinkerputt theme song
  • If you are happy.
  • It’s good to be home.

Island message:

Barney & friends is a show that always comes with a message. Every episode of the show has a message for children and adults. Imagination Island Barney movie carries the same. 

The movie has two fundamental messages for children. The first is ‘sharing is caring. Barney Imagination Island teaches that real joy comes with sharing our life with others. When we give others our stuff then we also gain happiness and trust. It strengthens the bond between two people and makes them happier than playing alone. 

The second message that the film carries is love for home. When Tosha, Barney, and others are stuck on the island and Tinkerputt suggests going home together, the kids try to refuse. Barney comes into the scene and told them not to stay away from home. He tells that home is the only place where they can get love and protection. Home is one big palace for every child. 

The two messages are the following:

  1. Sharing your belongings with others is love.
  2. Home is the only place that can protect you and give you love. 

My thoughts on the movie:

Movies have always been my favorite. It teaches me in many ways. However, today many films do not carry any message for their audience. Barney & friends is a very popular show of the 90s era. The show maintained its charm among children till 2010. It was really an enjoyable show for kids and parents. But the best thing about the show is the way it gives a message to society. Every episode contributes to nurturing a child’s mind. 

Barney Imagination Island is a movie that kids would surely love. A movie that teaches the value of home, friends, and togetherness. 

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