6 Most Famous Barney Doll of All Time

Barney & friends is one of the most famous and long-running shows of all time. Barney & Friends is a show which was totally focused on children aged 2 years to 8 years. This show was created by Sheryl Leach in the 1990s. This article is about Barney Doll.

The idea behind this show was to convey messages of education, culture & value. On April 6, 1992, its first episode was aired on national television. This show ran for two decades regularly and its last episode was aired on November 5, 2015. 

When released, not only children but adults were also enjoying this show. Before the airing, Barney & friends was funded only for 30 episodes but after getting unlimited numbers of letters and emails from the audience, PBD had to give its production more funding. Well, it is sure no one would want to stop one of the most profitable shows on television. 

Barney & Friends is for children and child education only. In this show, the main character is a dinosaur basically a purple and green Tyrannosaurus who is an imagination of a child. He comes, plays, and teaches many important life lessons in a funny, entertaining and polite way that attracts everyone who watches it for the first time. 

Today Barney is a world-famous character and Barney has a franchise of Barney dolls. From the day Barney was aired, many Barney dolls came into the market. It soon became one of the favorite fluffy stuffed toys in the nation. 

Throughout the year Barneiy dolls have had a lot of varieties and today we are going to get through them. So let’s discuss them further.

6 best Barney dolls of all time:

1. The classic Barney the dinosaur doll:

The classic Barney the dinosaur doll was the one dinosaur doll that was used in the first three episodes of Barney & the backyard gang series. This is the first Barney doll ever. It had a much dinosaur-like appearance. 

This Barney dinosaur was of purple color and had green soles on the bottom of the feet. Its mouth has a big red smiley strap that makes it adorable. 

When Barney was first aired on television then the spot pattern inspire and was similar to this Barney doll. 

The most amazing feature of this doll was its ability to wink eyes. In future dolls, it was not present. 

This doll was used during the first 3 videos of Barney & the backyard gang. Michael & Amy who are the owners of this doll used it during 1988-1989. 

2. Barney & friends season 2-3:

During 1993-1996, when this doll was launched in the 2nd season and 3rd seasons of Barney & friends, it immediately became people’s favorite. This doll is far more accurate than the one which people suit up. Its face is a little bit uplifted for a confident shape. It also has more possible gestures. 

You can still buy on Amazon. It was a redesigned model of its previous dolls. 

This Barney doll was used as the main doll of Barney & friends in season 2 and season 3. 

3. Fisher-price Barney train conductor doll:

This Barney plush doll is a cute and fluffy piece of toy. It is perfect for your child. The doll comes with a clothing option. Now your kid can play with this and can change to different clothing. 

Kids can change this Barney dolls’ hat as Barney’s different career. It is available for a chef, a police officer, or a train conductor. 

This doll comes in a dimension of 12” plush. Each of these career hats comes with an extra one hat for kids to wear. These will make your kid feel a part of his own league.  It is also available at Amazon at $32.00.

4. Singing Barney Doll:

This doll is very unique in itself. This Barney doll sings the most famous song of Barney & friends song. The song is ‘I love you. Your kid can cuddle, and hug this doll as this one is a fluffy doll. And most interestingly while playing if they press their tummy; the talking Barneiy doll starts to sing Barney’s favorite song. 

This doll has a dimension of 7.48” x 5.51” x 9.84” inches. The talking doll has a weight of 9.2 ounces. Due to its singing ability, you must put the battery in this doll. You need to put in three lithium metal batteries to run it. 

This is the most famous Barney doll of all time. You can buy it on Amazon at a price of $ 40.

5. Barney doll barney & friends season 4:

This was used for the first 4 episodes of the season. This is also another fluffy Barneiy doll. The doll had its head and its body chubbier than ever before. In comparison to its predecessors, it has more fluffiness in itself. 

Moreover, The doll’s toes are made up of pattern-reticulated foam and flatten. This doll’s tummy is rounder than its predecessors. 

This doll was used in season 4 for 4 consecutive episodes. You can buy this doll on Amazon. 

6. Barney & friends present Barney doll:

Barney & friends last updated their Barney doll in 2002. The doll has closer eyes than its previous B dolls. It looks like a full-bodied counterpart. 

A similar doll was used in season 6 of Barney & friends. It has a lighter color of magenta/ purple. 

It is less fluffy than its previous version of the Barneiy doll. But apparently, it is cuter than the last ones due to its color combination of light purple and yellow.

It is also available on the amazon toys section. You can buy it at a price of $ 30.00.

Where can I buy a Barney doll?

Barney doll is a world-famous fluffy toy for kids. These toys are also as famous as the show of Barney & friends. If you want to buy for your kid; you should visit your own amazon website once.

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